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Realistic Poetry International is ecstatic to present this awesome award package to our 2018 Best Poem Contest Winner, David Rudolph, all the way from the state of Indiana!

Moving our judges with his incredibly touching poem, “Boulders,” we are truly happy for him and his accomplishment, inspired by his words and positive, encouraging message.

One of our judges commented saying, “Rudolph’s poem is the epitome of a thriving and healthy body of humanity.”

Appreciative of wonderful poets such as David Rudolph, Realistic Poetry International happily celebrates poets writing for a good cause and hopes more poets and writers can join us along the way in this fun, poetic journey!

After all, you never know when it’s your chance to win! So, don’t miss out and be sure to enter our latest contest for a chance to win $500.00!

Congratulations, David Rudolph!

Read the $500.00 winning poem, “Boulders,” by David Rudolph!


We love awarding poets cash and prizes for their poetry! You could be next!

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