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Doris Elaine is an aspiring poet raised and residing in Carrollton, GA, United States.

Doris Elaine is an aspiring poet raised and residing in Carrollton, GA, United States. Single mother of six children, all now grown and living in Georgia. With an education of a Double B.A. in Organizational Management and Social & Criminal Justice, acquired late in life, in 2012. Also studied Public Administration towards half a Masters. Now, attending online Bible studies with World Video Bible School. Currently working on 4 & 5 book inspired through life experiences and via her blog/

Note from Author Doris Elaine:

Never really been too social, as am an introvert that can’t stand drama. Do work in customer service in the Hospitality Industry and that is enough social drama for me; for now. Love my alone time in my room reading and writing and working on blog/website. Inspiration to write poems floods into my mind as a concept that turns into a title, immediately writing down the title, thoughts at time, and the date of inspirations as well, to be revisited soon or later. This inspiration comes almost anywhere I am; thus, keep a writing tablet by my side; as I never know when life presents this inspiration. Life did present this inspiration which I experienced via the social media that brought my first two chapbooks Social I, Not and Not I, But I Am. They tell the ups and downs of a very emotional experience on the social media that led to my understanding of just how socially drama free life can be with the one and only true love, the Lord God. In addition to that experience in writing many poems have learned rhyming poems are my enjoyment in expression when writing poems; thus, the creation of my blog/website and my third eBook Rhyme It Out! A-V Rhyme Forms: Why Not Rhymes. This is a side-project to bring attention to rhyming poems’ expression. Currently working on 4th & 5th book; which, can be viewed in reference on my bog/website. Am a nature lover; thus, the picture reference to trees on books and blog/website. Also, in a sense, these tree pictures do have religious consideration as the mustard seed does grow into a big, beautiful tree; so, does our spiritual growth with the lord. Yes, I am a Christian that loves to write poems and hopes to acquire an audience in giving the message of the necessity of trusting and believing in the Lord in obtaining True Love in a life of uncertainty. Peace!



Social I, Not: Social Media Musings

Not I, But I Am: Social Media Musings


Rhyme It Out! Rhyme Forms A-V: Why Not Rhymes

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