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eBooks? Or Physical Books? What Poets Believe.

eBooks? Or Physical Books? What Poets Believe.

In a technologically advanced generation, almost everything can be done online and over the web – even reading poetry! And with eBooks as a growing, popular trend in our modern-day society, our Team of avid poetry enthusiasts wondered if poets still prefer the traditional way to read – a hard or softback book. Or if poets prefer reading poetry online through modern-day technology such as kindles, computers, tablets, etc.?

To help us better understand, we asked our audience of poets from all over the globe to share their personal preference by casting their vote through our recent Twitter poll on social media, and as much as technology inevitably dominates most of our lives in this day and age, we were happy to learn through the voice of the poets that plenty of us still enjoy being able to touch, feel, and relish in the tangible quality of an actual classic book! Surprisingly, only 11% of poets prefer eBooks instead.

Either way, whether you prefer reading an actual book or an eBook, thanks to technology, we now all have options at hand when it comes to reading and how we choose to read – and this can definitely come in handy depending on our individual personalities and lifestyles.

For those always on the go, being able to carry around your own personal library through Amazon Kindle may be ideal! After all, in comparison, the responsibility of carrying around the weight of several physical books can be pretty heavy. Which is why being able to have all your favorites at hand, online, AND at home, seems to be nothing more than the best of both worlds!

Thank you so much, poets, for all your feedback and time, we always value your thoughts and love learning more about you! We hope to continue to learn, grow, and build on this journey – together!

See poll below:

When it comes to reading poetry, do you prefer eBooks or physical books?



Physical books


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