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Endless Nightmares by Kyle Coare - Review Coming Soon!

Endless Nightmares by Kyle Coare

Review Coming Soon!


Just when you thought it was safe

to read another poetry book.

Kyle Coare brings you more dark tales,

more twisted nightmares,

in this spiritual successor to In Shadows.

Scary visions mired in the shadows.

Lurking beasts and crooked wonders.

Shady lanes and darkened corners.

Apparitions rising from the grave.

The shadows warned us,

but we didn't hear their cries.

The shadows warned us,

at the cold dark end of day.

The shadows warned us

and now the beast is on his way.


Kyle Coare

About the Author

Kyle Coare is a poet and author from Leicester, England. His work often touches on mental health and addiction, told with a storyteller's eye.

"The Night Watchman has been described as a relevant collection to current problems. The prose is rebellious but kind-hearted, powerful and fresh. A thought-provoking carousel of dreams, rage and sympathy all at once.

If you need proof that poetry is just as vital, if not more vital to literature today than it’s ever been, here is proof."

"Author Kyle Coare is an exquisite Poet and Word Artist that truly knows how to bring words and the world to life through poetry." Realistic Poetry International


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