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Famous artists/writers who have suffered controversial backlash...

Famous artists/writers who have suffered controversial backlash due to the general interpretation of their art or words.

1.) Gwendolyn Brooks. The famous poet’s well-known poem, “We Real Cool,” in the 1970’s was banned from schools in Mississippi and West Virginia.

2.) Lewis Carroll. Carrol’s whimsical fairytale classic, “Alice in Wonderland,” was challenged and banned many times due to the alleged promotion of drug use.

3.) D.H. Lawrence. Lawrence’s controversial poetry, known to insult politicians, war and imperial policy was criticized in which he struggled to get them into print.

4.) Federico García Lorca. A Spanish poet of the twentieth century, Lorca’s work was burned in Granada’s Plaza del Carmen and banned from Francisco Franco’s Spain. His work remained banned until the year of 1975.

5.) Publius Ovidius Naso. Best known for his poem, “Metamorphoses,” the Roman poet’s work was banned in 8 AD by Caesar Augustus and then later burned in 1497 under the order of a Dominican monk named, Girolamo Savonarola.

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