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Free to Just Be was selected as the 1st Place Winner...

Nolan P Holloway, Jr., from Queens, New York won the Freestyle Poetry Contest with his poem Free to Just Be. Congratulations on your success, Nolan!

This inspirational piece brings to life the beauty and power of poetry through its vivid language and images. Through this piece, Nolan has masterfully communicated the idea of self-love, acceptance, and freedom that all of us crave.

Realistic Poetry International, the organization behind the contest, was humbled by the submissions it received. Free to Just Be was selected as the 1st Place Winner because of its inspiring message and ability to evoke emotion in readers. Nolan was able to capture the essence of what it means to be free and use poetic devices to deliver an impactful message.

Don't miss your chance to be the next Realistic Monthly Poetry Contest! Realistic Poetry International is currently accepting submissions for its next contest and encourages everyone to share their voice and creativity.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Freestyle Poetry Contest and congratulations again to Nolan P Holloway, Jr. for winning with his poem Free to Just Be.

The winning poem can be read here!

Free to Just Be by Nolan P Holloway, Jr.

The temperature of this year is an ever-present winter

Even though the seasons transitioned there has been a coldness that has ebbed through months where warmth should have been

In the grips of loss that never stops and imprisons happiness

Dark characters seem to rule and influence the narrative

Evil is the director and if you do not like your part, Death will cut you from the cast

Trapped in a play that seems there is no final act

Disease is the author and enjoys that we have no control over the script

But the hope is we are the producers of dreams we own

Our choice to audition for a different script

By reading the lines the way we feel and acting in the style chosen by us

Life is the stage where we all must act and choose a role

But the power lies within us because we are

Free to Just Be

To take the season and make it our own

Honor with reverence the ones that have been lost and carry on their legacy

Being faithful to what brings sunshine and blue skies

No matter if the day is overcast and foreboding

That spirit is in each one of us

But the outside year has been influencing the internal season that you have the control

And the secret is that you

Are Just Free to Be

©Nolan P. Holloway, Jr. (Mr. Scribe)

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