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Freedom to poets and all people to write! "It is a very sad day, indeed."

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

It is a very sad day, indeed. When we see poets attempt to stifle another poet's beliefs, ideas, truths, feelings and projects for no real reason. Simply because they do not agree.

Nevertheless, unlike those who would rather silence the voice of the people than to articulately talk about and discuss important societal subjects such as pain, death, education, love, economic struggles, personal struggles and issues, physical issues, arts and entertainment, mental and health battles, environmental issues and yes – politics.

We, at Realistic Poetry International, encourage everyone, especially our youth, to exercise their voices, use their words and take action to bring about positive change in the world.

Everything is not written in poetic form. Nor should it be. Poetry is, and has always been an outlet, and also a gateway, for us to elaborate on and discuss many other topics, in-depth. There are no boundaries.

The poet has the ability to lead the world, with their words growing into world-wide movements and global ideas, changing and influencing the lives of millions!

So, we say, again, it is certainly a sad day, indeed, when a poet is dwindled down to merely a ‘simple-rhyme’ or verse, trapped in the shadows of their own darkness, failures and disappointments.

However, if you’re a member of any of the Realistic Poetry International platforms or social media pages, we expect respectful, friendly and mature behavior. We understand that everyone won’t agree with everything, and we certainly don’t expect anyone to. But choosing to put other people down and name-call (such as; “this person is very stupid”) as a first resort is NOT the answer.

Considering the expected differences we all may have, it would be much more appropriate, as adults, for us to express ourselves freely, but with decency. It’s a really simple concept, and the better we are at expressing ourselves with regard to the community, the more open, comfortable and supportive our community becomes.

If you know anyone who may need to read this message, please share with them.

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