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Happy National Poetry Day, Poets!

Dear Poets,

Today we want to take a special moment to express our appreciation for poetry, a remarkable, creative tool and resource for people around the globe! To many poets, it can be hard to imagine life without it, so we are happy to celebrate its existence in our lives and hope you will too! Because through the eyes of poetry, we learn so much about ourselves and each other, helping us in more ways than what we may truly understand.

In our times of worry and pain, poetry listens to our side of the story and encourages us to grow from our experiences and share with others who can relate to us and our feelings. When we are full of joy, happiness and light, the poems woven through our pleasure reflect the verbal smiles and sounds of laughter radiating from our hearts and souls.

This truth reminds us that poetry is well and alive! Poetry is universal and diverse. And poetry is therapeutic and healing. But what and where would poetry truly be without you, the poet?

Each and every day we are in complete awe at the tremendous heart, dedication, love, and continuous effort we see exerted into this amazing gift by unique poets such as yourself, making poetry as powerful and meaningful as it is.

And because of you poetry IS powerful, and certainly matters in a world where freedom of expression is pertinent to our lives, change, and society. For these reasons, we are more than grateful to understand the full magnitude of just how empowering writing and reading poetry can truly be.

With that being said, we hope that all of you amazing poets enjoy this day and continue being the poetic gems you already are!

Cheers and write on, poets!




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