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Is Poetry Valuable to Education? What Poets Believe.

Dear Poets:

Recently, we posted a poll on our Twitter page to find out from the poets themselves just how valuable they believe poetry is to education and are glad to say that we received some excellent, thorough feedback! Even better, the results speak loud and clear with almost 100% of poets confirming their belief that poetry is indeed valuable to education. And we agree!

We appreciate all of those who took time to cast their vote and share their experiences and thoughts on such an important topic to the poetry community, as poetry truly helps us in so many different ways. Creatively and intellectually, the list extends for days!

So, as we are expressing ourselves and writing our stories, the process of learning, developing, and growing is as natural as the seed in the soil that blooms in spring when writing and reading poetry, with our minds expanding while we inevitably pick up on different methods, habits, and techniques that help us in other categories and areas of our lives, such as with writing skills or vocabulary.

Not to mention all of the history, science, nature, people, and other fun facts we have the chance to learn about just by reading what we thought was a simple poem! Many times (depending on the subject), before we know it, a basic poem easily turns into a session of enlightment or an entire lesson!

Whether it be an informative-style type poem complete with imagery, educating us on the significance of the environment, or an in-depth abstract of the workings of the universe, translating complex scientific theories into a language intelligible to humanity.

There is no doubt that poetry provides more than one way and one opportunity for all ages and people from all around the world to learn. So, keep writing and keep reading! Encourage your family, peers, and friends too! For who knows - the next poetic lesson might come from you!

We appreciate all of the inspiring and aspiring poets from all over the world for sharing your gifts and talents and thank you all so much for participating in this poll. Your feedback and thoughts are always valued. Cheers and write on!

Poll Question & Results: Do you feel poetry is valuable to education? If so, why? If not, please explain.

Yes: 95%

No: 5%

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