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Poems close to winning 1st Place in the Best Poem of 2018:

We appreciate all of the wonderful poems submitted by poets with so much talent, skill, and creativity. It is always an honor to continuously award and recognize poets from all over the world for writing poetry.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this contest and we encourage you to continue writing and enter more contests! And we hope our contests inspires you to continue to write, read, and celebrate POETRY.

The Poems listed below came very, very close to winning this years Best Poem of 2018 $500.00 Contest! Out of over 600 poems, here are the top 16 poems that came close to winning:


Name: Denise O’Hagan

Poem: Recalling Sarah

Name: Kimberley Brouillette

Poem: A Million Pieces

Name: Adam Tripp

Poem: No Man Left Behind

Name: ReeA Maria Doyle

Poem: Let Me be Your Light

Name: Holli Pellman

Poem: Do It For You

Name: James Dennis Casey IV

Poem: The Demon Inside

Name: Lisa Otto

Poem: Empathy

Name: Shellie Palmer

Poem: The Lights Within

Name: Nicole Prince

Poem: I. angel

Name: G. Donald Cribbs

Poem: Covered by Darkness, A Flicker of Hope Brings Restoration

Name: Jacqueline Mead

Poem: I Am A Woman

Name: Donna Thompson

Poem: The Final War

Name: Martin Foroz

Poem: Space

Name: Kenneth Allan Dronsfield

Poem: The Vernal Equinox

Name: Ann Christine Tabaka

Poem: And The Rains Came

Name: Philip Harris

Poem: Covered In Cat Hair


Note: Poems listed above are NOT considered 1st place winners nor are awarded any prizes in this contest.

***The 1st Place Best Poem of 2018 Contest Winner is not attached to this post.***

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