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Poetry is not a career.

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Poetry is not a career. At least according to our recent Twitter polls. Most people write poetry as a hobby.

See the poll below.

This is not surprising seeing that poetry is one of the best ways to freely release emotions, tell stories and share our thoughts.

The feelings often expressed through poetry are almost never intended for monetary gain, but become more of a necessity to life and create healing, love, relationships, peace, art, hope, strength, inspiration, insight and truth.

Not to mention how peaceful, therapeutic and relaxing poetry can be!

For most people, if money is generated through writing poetry it’s an added benefit and not typically in large amounts, making money not a center-focus for those who write poetry. Some say this even keeps the art form pure.

The Voices of the Poets have spoken and our recent poll tells us most people write poetry as a hobby, not as a career.

We must mention there are successful people who do write poetry as a career and there have been many successful career poets in the world. These people are just as important as those who choose to write poetry only as a hobby, and both poets make an impact on the world.

We appreciate all of the great participants in this survey and value everyone’s feedback!

Let’s keep this conversation going, we’d like to hear more from you! Don’t forget to share this poll with your friends and family and find out what they think about poetry being a career or a hobby.

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Jamila Mikhail
Jamila Mikhail
Mar 14, 2018

I agree that it keeps the art form pure. For me writing (in general, not just poetry though this is all I have published so far) is my way to get away from the stressed of life such as school, work, etc. If I began writing it as a career it would spoil what it does for me and the reason why I do it to begin with but the extra money is definitely nice! :)

Above all, I think those of us hobbyists who do publish our writings it's simply to share the joy of writing and hopefully make a difference. We all know that art has always played an important role in social change.

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