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Should children be required to learn about poetry in school? What do you think?

Dear Poets;

On a recent Realistic Poetry International Twitter poll, we asked to hear from the voice of the poets to learn exactly how poets feel when it comes to making poetry a requirement in school for children. In result, we received over 2000 votes and some extremely valuable feedback!

Here is the question: Do you believe children should be required to learn more about poetry in school?

And according to the voice of the poets, the majority believe learning about poetry in school should be a requirement at 69%, while 26% believe it should be optional, and only 5% saying it shouldn’t be required at all.

We appreciate all of the active poets who took time to participate in this poll and must say that the results do not come as a shock or surprise to us, as poetry has been long considered a ‘gateway’ form of literature to many other realms of interest underneath the literature umbrella such as 'prose,' non-fiction,' or 'media.'

And with so many passionate and avid poetry enthusiasts all over the world, it is most definitely an important idea to consider for the future, especially when it comes to children!

With poetry being one of the oldest and easiest forms of expression on earth, there is no doubt poetry will enhance, empower, educate, and evolve our future’s imaginative, creative, developing minds, assisting with important competencies such as phonics, vocabulary, expression, writing, and much more!

And let’s not forget to mention how much fun they can have with poetry as it drives them to actively discover their inner artist, inspiring individuality and uniqueness as children learn to apply a rainbow of elements through the wonder of their colorful imaginations!

However, with keeping an open mind, it is important to remember that not every child is or learns exactly the same. Though poetry is one clever way to help and inspire a child’s creativity and learning experience, in reality, there are several different ways to boost, improve, and stimulate our children’s educational curriculum while still giving parents and children the freedom to choose the right fit for their child/children, like poetry after-school programs, where alike minds have a chance to share a common interest and grow together.

Or perhaps a special poetry elective just like ‘band’ or art, expanding the range of creative options for children to choose from aside from the norm. Who knows? Before you know it, poetry might just turn into one of the most progressive and significant extracurricular activities in schools around the globe, if parents and children are at least provided with the customized option to make poetry a part of their everyday educational and learning experience. One thing is for sure, it would definitely be worth it!

We are thankful for the fanatic response we received from the Poetry Community and appreciate all of you participating in this discussion! We value your feedback very much!

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