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Technology & Poetry

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

In a recent poll conducted last month on the Twitter platform of Realistic Poetry International, we asked the question, “Has new-age technology helped you to write better poetry?”

Interestingly, the results were split pretty evenly, with only 14% of the 633 votes saying ‘no,’ new-age technology has not helped them write better poetry, and 26% voting ‘sometimes,’

Well, one thing is already apparent; new-age technology is playing a role in new-age poetry. But with 30% saying they still prefer pen and paper, has technology caught up to the mind of our average poet? We’ll let the final 30% answer this with the answer ‘yes.’

Technology is advancing as well as the poet. Using technology can help poets create and explore diverse styles of poetry while making it easy and convenient to use helpful resources that can amplify creativity.

In this new technological age, we may lose the intimacy and companionship of our precious notebooks, pens and pencils. And as heartbreaking as this may be to millions of poets, remember all of the stolen or lost notebooks that once held some of the most precious poems that will, now, never be seen again.

Looking towards the future, we want you to think about how technology will help save millions of poems from being lost, stolen, or never written at all.

Because whether you are currently using technology to write poetry or not, the future will be full of it! And time will tell us whether it will make for better poetry...or worse.

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