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Official member of Realistic Poetry International - Abigail Siegel

Abigail Siegel Los Angeles, CA - Find me on Medium, or on Twitter @asiegelster. Share your poems with me!

“we learn more by looking for the answer to a question and not finding it than we do from learning the answer itself.” ― Lloyd Alexander, The Book of Three

Poet Bio

    I am a poet, writer, and a classicist. Currently I am in grad school getting my MA in classical Latin language and poetry. I'm originally from LA, though I am currently in Canada for school. Will I stay? We shall see! I also write about folklore, myth, and fairytale.

Why you choose to be a member of Realistic Poetry International 

    I want to connect with more wonderful poets, and I want to share my poetry with a wider audience.

Poetry is important to me because

As a lover of language and words, I find that poetry is one of the essential ways humans have expressed themselves throughout history. It is the primary artistic way in which I myself create.

You can read my poetry by clicking the link below.

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I am currently writing a collection of modern pastoral poetry, which I am hoping to publish in the next year or so.

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