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Official member of Realistic Poetry International - Doris Elaine - twitter@DorisElaine3 - Carrollton, Georgia, United States

“Don’t eliminate me because I’m not perfect, Because neither are You!”

Poet Bio

    Am an aspiring published author, raised and residing in Carrollton, Georgia, United States. Has an education of Double B.A. in Organizational Management & Social and Criminal Justice and half a master’s in public administration acquired late in life in 2012. A single mom of six-raised four-all grown and living in Georgia. Never been too social as an introvert that found poetry as an outlet for expression. Currently working in the Hospitality industry, a position that gives me enough social drama for a life time. Had an experience on Social Media that brought my first two book collection Social Media Musings. Finding rhyming poetry my expression in writing poetry lead to my blog/website. Working on 4th & 5th chapbook in progress via my blog/website at Currently attending Bible study with World Video Bible School. Am a Christian that loves the Lord and hopes to express this Love in encouraging others through my poetry.

Why you choose to be a member of Realistic Poetry International 

    I chose to be a member of Realistic International Poetry because I wanted my poetry to reach as many people as possible. I knew this very professional, proactive, and honest organization could help me in my goal of poetry expression in messages my poetry sends and to possibly give my poetry an honest platform. Very impressed with this organization and am glad to be a part of this very prestigious organization.

Poetry is important to me because

I love and write poetry because it is an emotional release as an introvert; additionally, I really like encouraging others. However, have a hard time with interacting in a speaking world. Thus, poetry helps express myself, helps maintain my desired intimacy/privacy, and gives me a platform in expression of desired message. Most important to me is the message my poetry sends; that’s my ultimate-goal and love of writing poetry.

You can read my poetry by clicking the link below.

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Am a single mother having raised 4 children with little financial and mental support; Now that’s an accomplishment that any single parent should be proud of. Currently working in the Hospitality industry. Acquired a double B.A. in Organizational Management & Social and Criminal Justice & half a Masters’ in Public Administration Late in life with high scores and became a “Golden Key” (only 15% of grads) recipient while studying. Formatted and self-published 2 paperbacks and 3 eBooks.

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The best support I can receive from other is the reading of my book(s), as the message in my poetry is what’s important to me.

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Social I, Not: Social Media Musings

It's hard to have an honest and true connection in today's world of technology. Sometimes it can disconnect someone from reality. Doris Elaine's Social Media Musings book series Part One, Social I, Not, touches heavily on this occurrence through a personal chat saga of 45 poems. Both classical and sensitive in style that shows both strength and grace. Footnotes in green tell a larger story of a friendship that portray a very emotionally affecting saga. It gives you a stern, but kindhearted glimpse at what one can lose and gain by being immersed in technology. In a world of faces, so as not to regret tomorrow, pay attention to your affecting appearance(s) of today!

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