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Official member of Realistic Poetry International - Jimmy T Garrett

I was born in Jarrow, Tyne and Wear, North East England. Very famous place in history and had connections with the Vikings!

Have a Dream. Do the Work. Make it Happen. Grandad, this one is for you. This was a quote I inscribed on the bottom of my New York Marathon plaque in 2002 when I ran the event in honour of my Granda Jimmy and the charity Cancer Backup

Poet Bio

    After 35 years as a Chemical Engineer and Business Consultant, I recently leapt into the world of writing books and poetry at the youngish age of 55 and so far, it has been a phenomenal journey. I have had a fantastic life to date and been privileged to work and/or live in over 40 countries, immersing myself and my family into many different cultures and customs, as part of my job, making my kids a more than average “worldy” bunch! This experience, unbeknown to me at the time, has provided an amazing palette of colourful experiences to feed my ongoing writing frenzies and teach young children a bit about different countries, cultures and animals! Oh how life pans out in unexpected ways! The writing journey has always been there in parallel to my work life and many of my friends/family told me that I should give writing and poetry a go as they loved the stories and poems I wrote for all of their special occasions over the years. I’ve always had a thirst to write unusual, poignant, funny and sometimes edgy poems and I am indeed a big kid at heart. I love it when my work makes people laugh…and cry and as a typical Piscean, I am arty, trustworthy, dedicated, sensitive, emotional and very intuitive. I never break a promise and I am that guy who stops traffic to help an elderly lady shuffle across the road – in the hope that someone will help me in the not too distant future! I believe in the afterlife and saw 2 UFO’s when I was a teenager! I love animals and hate any form of animal (or human) cruelty. I made it into the Guinness Book of World Records as a teenager oh and I have hairless shins! What? Yep! I was brought up in a poor, working class, loving family of 4 boys, in the heart of the North East of England and was taught to value family, politeness and to say “please”, “thank you”, “I’m sorry” and “how are you” and have respect for the elderly. My Granda Jimmy Garrett, a poorly educated school leaver at 14 and British soldier in WW2, was and still is, my real life hero. He was the wisest and funniest man I have ever met and he taught me 3 life lessons:- Never forget your roots; Don’t get too big for your boots; Always keep a sense of humour. He has been my rock throughout my life well after he left us too soon and my author’s pen name is a lifelong tribute to him. Apart from my friends and family being my writing and poetry catalysts, another inspiration came in the form of a gorgeous, polite, humble, shy 6-year-old girl, named Sofia Lily Rose, my only grand-daughter, who continues to be a breath of fresh air in my life. I wanted to give Sofia a little gift, a legacy that she would enjoy, something to boost her confidence and teach her a few good lessons in life, hidden in a funny, illustrated book, written in rhyme, hence my first children’s book, “Sofia Lily Rose and her Magical Prose”. Sofia was my lovely inspiration and helped me develop the story lines and actually provided some of the illustrations in the first of 7 books in the Sofia series. I have Self-Published this first paperback, eBook and audio book and I have read it to over 1200 kids aged 4-8 years to get reader feedback – the feedback has been amazing. They loved it – apart from James aged 7! I look forward to writing the other 6 books which will be published no matter what. In addition to this lovely stream of rhyming delights, I am building my poetry collection and reading these at open mic poetry nights to great, unexpected applause and these too will be made available across my social media platforms and book form in due course. I am loving my writers journey and can’t recommend it enough but you do have to stay focused and believe in yourself.

Why you choose to be a member of Realistic Poetry International 

    It is a great organisation that connects like minded poetry people and companies, it keeps poetry fresh, it is a well established organisation that has a far international reach, it makes poetry competitions and news available to the masses, it’s picture/word poetry prompts are vey engaging, they are nice people to deal with.

Poetry is important to me because

I love poetry because it helps me escape to a place of tranquillity and fulfilment and can provide a blank canvass for classic masterpieces, amusing sketches or hilarious charactures – all as good as each other.

You can read my poetry by clicking the link below.

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A Father of 3 and Grandfather of 1; A Degree in Chemical Engineering; Completed the 2002 New York Marathon; Completed the Race Across America and raised £25K for charity: Completed The Great North Run half marathon: Made it into the Guinness Book of Records; Provided Lectures and Periodical Articles on Continuous Improvement and Culture Change; Advanced Total Perfect Manufacturing Trainer – trained in Tokyo - Japan: Self Published “Sofia Lily Rose and her Magical Prose” in 2018; Been highlighted as a new author on Smiletrain charity Global Website: Made the local newspapers as new author – Wirral News: Liverpool Echo; Shields Gazette; Sunderland Echo; Written many non-published poems; Held my school shot put record for 6 years!; Have walked the glass bridge around the Grand Canyon - USA: Have lived in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia & New Jersey, USA for 6 years.

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Sofia Lily Rose and her Magical Prose (Sofia Series Book 1)

Sofia does a very kind thing, she gives a toy Fairy a silver ring. This makes the Fairy come to life, she is Rosella, King Jamed's wife. She hovers above, a bright yellow flower, and gives Sofia a special power! Whatever creature, big or small, Sofia can talk with them all. She can chat away at any time, but only in animal rhyme! This first book tells how she comes to be, an animal hero, for all to see! This beautifully crafted book is packed full of educational facts and positive messages for children, each smoothly delivered in very funny, clever rhymes. The main themes that run through the book like golden threads, remind us Friendships are important and we should work at keeping them Try to Help Others, especially those in Need Recognise Diversity through different animals, their accents and backgrounds Beauty and Kindness are within us all To notice all animals and think about their welfare and their homes To look after the Environment and Never Throw Plastic in the Sea!

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