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Official member of Realistic Poetry International - Sondra Armer

Sondra Armer Brooklyn, NY

This day then let us not be told, That you are sick, and I grown old; Nor think on our approaching ills, And talk of spectacles and pills. To-morrow will be time enough To hear such mortifying stuff. Jonathan Swift

Poet Bio

    Sondra Audin Armer's poems have been awarded prizes by Rita Dove and Margaret Atwood. Sixty have been published in literary journals, including Blue Unicorn, The South Carolina Review, Cumberland Poetry Review and Western Humanities Review. Several are in anthologies, including Ravishing Disunities: Real Ghazals in English. She has given public readings at too many New York City locations to list here. She taught English at the City University of New York. Outside academic circles, she led several poetry workshops. For some readings and workshops, she was awarded grants.

Why you choose to be a member of Realistic Poetry International 

    To learn more about my craft and enter contests.

Poetry is important to me because

I’ve written poetry for 70 years and it’s part of my life.

You can read my poetry by clicking the link below.

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The last poems I submitted were published in 2001. I want to jump back in the pool.

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