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Official member of Realistic Poetry International - Daniel Sims

"Rome was not built in a day success is not giving away its Made"

Poet Bio

    My name is Daniel also Known as Ghost I am A Rapper Writer Poet Iwrite on my free time rather it's music or free writing poetry I also ha e started my own short stories that I have on Amazon with more to come

Why you choose to be a member of Realistic Poetry International 

    Simple I am a poet that want to connect with other poets around the world share and provide

Poetry is important to me because

I love to write I know on my soul that'swhat I am meant to be in my layers is writing even as I speak No lie this is just me

You can read my poetry by clicking the link below.

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I was able to make my on songs an my first music video rather it was a flop or not I made a goal happen I was featured on valient of hero's My journey is not over there will be more

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By being a friend and staying legit follow my accounts comment share and I will pay that respect back

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