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Official member of Realistic Poetry International - Edward A. Green

c.z. Luna Voice Artist, Poet, Lyricist, Actor @czlunapoetry

The Universe is the Universe. There’s no ticking its tock.

Poet Bio

    C.E. “Ted” Moon is a globally recognized team building, business development, cross-functional leadership professional. He recently retired due to a spinal disability. He is best known for his dynamic speaking engagements and unique motivational seminars. His authentic style has been best described as passionate, confident and openly honest. He views his disability as a blessing that has provided him the opportunity to “awaken his poetic muse” and delve more deeply into his love of music, lyrics and creative writing especially poetry. Ted is a member of the Peace Voices Poetry program at the Peace Center in Greenville, South Carolina. He has studied with his mentor, Nationally Acclaimed Poet, Glenis Redmond as well as Amy Randall and Derek Berry among others. Currently, I have published 2 novels, a bedtime storybook, working on my 4th book, Breaking Rules Publishing is featuring me in July’s issue of the Scribe and they have been so impressed with my writing that I was asked to submit an article for their August issue. I’m a former native of Rockport Texas, “ground zero for Hurricane Harvey,” and most of my family and childhood friends still live there. I won 1st place in my schools poetry competition and was one of the top 500 poets invited to compete for a writing contract in 1993 by the International Poets Society. At the Awesome age of 50 I achieved my dream of becoming a Published Author and am currently writing for the Breaking Rules Publishing Group out of St Petersburg Florida.

Why you choose to be a member of Realistic Poetry International 

    I chose to be a member because of how well my poetry dealing with your word of the week has been received.

Poetry is important to me because

I love Poetry because it allowed me to express myself when I was a teen and it also helped to lay the foundation at becoming the Author that I am today.

You can read my poetry by clicking the link below.

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Father May I

In the year 2048, the earth was dying, the land and water was poisoned, and our seas had been turned into a trash receptacle. The resources needed for survival were critically low, people were dying, “on a daily basis,” by the hundreds of thousands; and corporations controlled every aspect of our lives. It was only a matter of time now before our self-extinction, “including the lives of every species around us,” took place. And still we would not lift a personal finger to fix it. “That was,” until Geniuses invented a Quantum computer with Artificial intelligence. It came up with a perfect solution, but, “because of our past offenses,” the Machine Refused to help us until we surrendered control and gave it All Authority. All we had to do was call it Father and accept its 3 laws. Repent, Convert or Die “And after some bargaining,” we did. PRAISE BE TO FATHER.

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