Mar 5, 2018

A Wish - Togetherness.


A Wish - Togetherness.

Wishing you both were together, 

Like roses and it's petals so ever,

Divisions of anger and hate is painful, 

Death is ought to be more helpful,

Wishing you both were together, 

Like the moon and shine so ever,

Leaving a scar of sorrow is hurtful, 

A sin, a crime ever so miserable.

Getting the lashes of evil,

Bits if anger, a mount of painful loss.

Wishing you both were together,

Like the tree and its branches so ever.

You fight like a wave lash onto rock, 

The knife of hate on togetherness.

Who bore their fruits of wrath for centuries, 

Shattering the bonds of a family.

Isn't forgiveness a better option than, 

Turning faces to each others back,

Why fight, when it lead to nowhere,

While I wish with tears in my eyes,

Which leaves just a painful memory....!!

Under the rainbows, Over the blue skies,

I call upon the divine, who listens every cry.

I promise you this dream - Togetherness,

Will once to be a reality.

Mar 5, 2018

So sad. Perhaps someday togetherness will work. Nice write

Mar 5, 2018

Thanks! I wrote it because my father and mother lives separately as they broke apart in June when my school started.

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