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Rules & Guidelines

  1. Please follow the rules if you wish to participate.

  2. Submit a love poem!

  3. First Place Winner will receive $50.00 cash!

  4. We will share your words with our entire social media of over 100,000 followers if you are selected as the winner to help you gain recognition and new followers.

  5. All Members are invited to participate.

  6. Only paid official members can win the cash prize. Become an Official RPI Member! (

  7. Paid verified Twitter/X Subscribers can win cash prize and post submissions directly to social media.

  8. Non-official members are free to participate but are excluded from winning the cash prize. 

  9. Free submission for all Amazon reviews. Leave a book review on Amazon and receive 7 free submissions eligible for cash prize! Realistic International: books, biography, latest update

  10. Multiple entries are strongly suggested.

  11. All poems will be accepted into this contest.

  12. We accept all languages.

  13. Worldwide submissions are accepted.

  14. Previously published poems are accepted.

  15. You retain all rights to your poem

  16. The last day to submit for this contest is Feb 1, 2024.​

  17. Monthly contest winners will be announced on the 15th of every month. 


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