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Realistic Poetry Videos

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Record a poem!

All you have to do is record a video of you reading a poem. You must mention Realistic Poetry International in the video.

Submit your video!

Click the link below to submit. Every poet is invited to participate. You retain all rights and ownership of your poetry. By submitting your video below, you agree to grant, Realistic Poetry International permission to share your video.

Get Paid!

We do not accept every video. After submitting your video, a representative will review it. If your video qualifies, we will pay you $5.00 per video.  

Must have a PayPal or cash app to get paid.
Get paid ASAP

How Much?

$5 per poem accepted. 

$10 per poem accepted. 
(Must say Realistic Poetry International in the video.)

$15 per poem accepted.
(Must include a Realistic Poetry Product Ex. T-shirt, Cup, Book.)

Get paid to read your poetry!