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Can She?



Can She?

Candles on the table, lights cut down low, Shadows on the porch reflecting from the glow. The mellow sounds of Journey playing in the night, And in the midst of it all two lovers holding tight.

Words aren't needed as their eyes lock and hold, They both feel the flames burning in their soul. This is such a special night one she hopes will last, For both are trying hard to forget a painful past.

Will it last forever this magic that they feel, Or is it only a dream that will never be real? So many questions run rampant in their minds, Both want a love that will last throughout time.

A soft kiss, a slight touch, he whispers in her ear,

he says I love you, and that's the words she longs to hear.

But still she is cautious of the steps she’s about to take,

though she loves him dearly she's afraid of making a mistake.

But she can't stop this feeling it's taken complete control,

he's the one she wants, the one that has taken her soul.

Does he really love her? She hopes that this is true,

but right now, there is nothing more she can do

So, she gives her heart for him to hold,

and prays the truth he has told,

For only he can light the flame and fill her with desire

and slow the burn of this hot raging fire.

It is much more than lust she feels, one night will not be enough,

much more, she wants his eternal love. She wants to wake next to him with each new sunrise, And be able to look into his big brown eyes.

She wants him to come to her after a hard day

and chase all his sadness and troubles away.

She wants to be needed and to need,

and when he's hurting her heart will bleed.

As they lay together holding each other close,

she realizes she has laid to rest her ghosts.

They kiss good night and before she sleeps,

she knows that this is the one she wants to keep.

When he gives her his heart, it will be held gently,

and he will realize that this is where he needs to be.

The love she has to give comes from deep inside,

and thanks to him her past just died.


© Cynthia Clark


@realisticpoetry# alovestory #lettinggo




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