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Realistic Poetry International takes your writing journey serious and believes poets deserve the same advantages and opportunities as every other writer in the literary realm when pursuing their goals and dreams! This is why our Team has taken the time to understand what tools and resources it takes to develop a 5-star poetry book and work diligently to orchestrate the best ways and strategies to deliver your project to the public!


We value you as a person and author, ensuring you receive professional and friendly customer service to make the process convenient, comfortable, and easy, ensuring you receive the book of your dreams, sure to impress all of your family, co-workers, and friends.


Not only can we help you develop a great poetry book, we also have a large audience of readers writers, and poets who we will be more than happy to share your new project with! This may help you gain new readers, followers, customers, and fans. You have many options when it comes to publishing your next book project but the difference between us and many other publishing companies is that we truly do care and take the time to be attentive to your needs.


So, let us help you today! Order your Realistic Poetry International Publishing Package and bring your words to life! And remember, we also offer a variety of other printing and publishing services such as editing and book covers, just let us know what you need and we will strive to create a great, customized experience just for you and your book!




Step 1 – Complete your files which include your book cover 6x9. You will also need a completed manuscript. We suggest you be sure to have a friend or professional edit your work to ensure it is free of mistakes. Once you feel your files are satisfactory and meet your standards, you are ready for step two!


Step 2 – Place your order on and immediately after, send your files to A representative will contact you to begin working on your latest project! Our Team of representatives will make sure your new book is ready for the world! They will examine your book for quality and sizing purposes before moving forward to step three. Our Team will also contact you to ensure you are one hundred percent satisfied before moving to step three.


Step 3 – Realistic Poetry International will begin the printing process. After this, your new book will be checked for quality purposes before being sent to the address you provide.


Shipping costs must be paid separately.

50-page Poetry Book / Comes with 25 books / Free Help With Promotion


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