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What does Author Spotlight include? 


Authors will have the opportunity to showcase their work on the Realistic Poetry platform for 1 full week to help promote and advertise your book and/or review. 


How can this help me?


The key to helping produce more sales and activity is to place yourself in a position to gain the attention of potential readers and customers.


Realistic Poetry International will help place you front and center stage of our diverse audience at a low cost, to assist in attracting different people. 


What we will need from you? 


The more information you provide, the easier it is for our team to help create a compelling and effective arrangement to showcase your feature on the site.


This includes a bio, important information related to your book, such as any links, events, pictures, etc. and anything else you would like to include.  


A clear and quality photo of yourself is also a great sales tactic. Readers can easily and conveniently connect with the author and have the chance to become familiar with they are.


Let our compnay help shed the light on you and your book, like the shining star you are! 


After making a purchase, a Realistic Poetry represnetative will contact you directly to confirm your order. 



Author Spotlight

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