Poets, just like authors, need reviews. But not just any review – poets need great reviews! Reviews that impacts all those who read them. Reviews that will make others want to pick up your books and read them from front to back! Those same reviews should be just as impactful to the author who wrote the book. Our Team at Realistic Poetry International understand the importance of a good book review. 

We also understand how much an honest rating can help an author understand how their words impact readers, giving authors the tools they need to improve their writing or capitalize on their creativity. Our Team of readers also understand how important it is to convey an honest, realistic description of your work so that your fans, supporters, and customers can be interested and excited to add your books to their collection! 

Our team of avid readers are sincere poetry enthusiasts who love to spend their time reading and writing about poetry, and are happy to offer poets and authors full-length, professional, and thorough reviews.
So, if you’re searching for a useful and meaningful review to help promote and sell your book, or for honest and valuable feedback, our Team is the perfect choice! Order your book review today! 


You can now choose the Team you would like to review your book! Choosing different Teams allows you to get an honest, variety of opinions about your one single book. 


Yes, you can order up to 6 different book reviews for the same book.  

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