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"Tome of Musings", by Author Markus Fleischmann, is an amorous, emotional poetic fairy-tal

Classy and elegant, Author Fleischmann’s euphonious poetry book, “Tome of Musings,” opens with ardent words stemmed from his heart with the chic romantic selection entitled, “Poetry of Her;” a poem of promise and adoration with an exclusive message dedicated to his other half. And with this publication being dedicated to, “his lady”, what better way to begin?

Playing into the poems meaning and significance, Fleischmann uses the image of his, ‘special someone,’ as the source of his poetry’s muse. By his words, we can unmistakably perceive how he reverences this beauteous irreplaceable blessing (his lady), enchanted by her presence, beauty, and existence, alone!

Beaming as bright as gold, this verbal real-life fantasy sets the mood appropriately, considering the dynamic theme of the author’s, seemingly, buoyant and enamored heart, winning readers through his attractive poetic eloquence and awe-inspiring words as smooth as silk.

But ironically, after reading such promising words, we migrate to another poem where Fleischmann illustrates the opposite end of this idealistic fantasy, describing a fragmented version of love where souls are “bruised, scarred and maimed”, and “purity claimed, used, abused, ravaged, and tossed.” One of our favorite poems fitting to this category of blues and heartache, capturing both beauty and pain is entitled, “Grief”.

With the prominent voice of a storyteller, the narrator let’s us inside of his grief-stricken heart, and creatively uses the symbolic image of a ‘butterfly’ to illustrate and connect a past shared memory between him and his other half, possibly to spark a flame that may have gone out due to his own self; and also to resuscitate a faded or lost love, in which his verses, like vows, attest to his preparedness to alternate the entire course of his life, just to prove the strength of his love, dedication, and loyalty… all to avoid one dreadful word, “goodbye.”

Fleischmann’s style of writing can also take the heart to darker arenas, as in the poem “Darkness,” where he unexpectedly flips the script, putting on a completely dissimilar mask saying, “I’m your hell, I’m your storm”, then, “I’m your rain, your hearts pain, I’m the one born of Cain”; only to end this selection with him calling himself, ‘the wolf as dark as night’!

Naturally, curiosity makes you wonder about the background details behind this poem. Though the two personalities of light and dark are poles a part, extreme emotion mixed with passion dominates both worlds in this book, whether it be for better or worst. This collision of the two contrasting worlds is, indeed, compelling, and adds an exciting twist to his poetry!

Technically speaking, the choice of perspective used to convey the author’s poetry is first-person, which we feel effectively delivers and portrays his profound fervent feelings to readers. Fleischmann cleverly interlaces the use of evocative alluring imagery through flavorsome metaphors such as, “her passion is to bathe in the flame of another;” “age begins its tumbling crash, her untouched tombstone, neglected flesh;” and “sunlight’s a fading yesterday;” showing off his artistic and imaginative aptitude!

In closing, we believe this collection is intriguing, incandescent, and compels us with enrapturing wishes, desires, dreams, and fantasies; some as black as night, while others take us high into the clouds of an Empyrean dream!

Regardless of whichever you happen to personally relate to, the author’s writing reads purely of soul and heart, is dappled with both, reality and fantasy, while defining all that encompasses the ageless, precious element of love. Markus Fleischmann’s book is melliloquent, meticulous, structured, and delightfully easy to read. Hands down, it is a marvelous read for all those die-hard, romanticists enthusiasts out there who enjoy relishing in the magic and mysteriousness of love.

With that, we’re excited to present this winsome collection, “A Tome of Musings,” with a 5-star rating, and hope you have a chance to indulge in the exquisiteness of this beautifully, emotional masterpiece for yourself!

Absolutely sterling, Markus!

Everyone, get your copy today!

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