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"Apart from emotions and feelings, Author Jay Long inspires his readers by writing about the im

“Eternal Echoes” is an excellent expression of Author Jay Long’s attempt to reflect the connection between a writer and his readers. The book comprises of prose and poetry of various genres such as motivation, inspiration, love, loss and treating life as a journey. In his first poetry “Eternal Echoes”, Author Jay Long talks about the depth of love and emotion that the echo of her laughter brings in his life.

Through his poetry “Smile shines”, in a simplistic yet powerful poetic tone, Author Jay Long explains how a person remembers and cherishes even the smallest moments of love, such as the smile of your loved one. “Simple Things” is an amazing poetic depiction of the day-to-day moments that we share with our loved ones and how we miss these moments when he/she is not there by our side anymore. Jay touches your heart through each of his poems in this book as his poems find deeper meaning in simple moments of life. Author Jay teaches us a great lesson through his piece “Dear Father”. He teaches us to value our family and friends while they are alive and with us. He says that one must not live a life full of regrets, one must say what is in their heart, and one must not wait for the moment to pass.

“A Love Story” exemplifies the emotion of love in a way that is beautiful beyond words. The Author’s understanding of human feelings can be felt through all his work in this book. Author Jay quotes life lessons throughout this book, which will help in the readers’ spiritual growth. Jay’s piece “Every Chance” imparts a very important lesson about life when Jay says that we must take our time to truly live and tell the important people in our lives that they matter most in our life, whenever we get a chance to do so.

Apart from emotions and feelings, Author Jay Long inspires his readers by writing about the importance of hope and self-belief. His poem “On My Way” is an inspiring piece in the sense that it explains that there is always another day after every dark night and thus, one must never give up hope. The poem “Let’s Get Wet” reminds the readers’ to never give up on their dreams, to be fearless as they were as children. This poem talks about letting go of inhibitions and living fearlessly as that is the way to be truly happy.

Author Jay Long explains the feelings of a broken heart with great intensity in his poem “Thank You”. This poem is written with the passion that a lover feels when his heart is broken and the journey from pain to peace is explained powerfully in this poem. In “Now or Never” Author Jay gives an amazing piece of advice to his readers when he says that one must live in the present and find joy in simple things in life. “Blind Touch” sends out a beautiful message to everyone that one never gets lost if he takes each step towards his home.

We conclude by saying that Author Jay Long has written the prose and poetry in the most inspiring and empowering manner in this book. He shares his wisdom about human life, relationships, love and the struggle to survive, in the most unique way. Author Jay Long’s style is simple yet eloquent and the distinctiveness of his writing style makes this book thought-provoking throughout. This book is for anyone who has ever loved, lost, struggled and survived. The lessons that the Author imparts throughout this book are like little secrets to living a fulfilled life. We are grateful to Author Jay Long for sharing his experiences and wisdom about life and relationships in the most awe-inspiring style. This book deserves a 5-star rating and it is highly recommended to be read by people of all ages.

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