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Chance pulls deep from within the corridors of her heart to release and share the seraphic brillianc

Sure, there will be some cloudy skies, stormy nights and rainy days but by unwavering faith, belief, love and God, divine believers like Author Beverley Chance are led and guided by the ethereal Spirit of kindness, meekness, prayer, love, forgiveness, cheerfulness, wisdom, patience and gratitude, freely spreading the universal gifts of dreams, smiles and happiness to all. So, if you’re a lover of nature and lovely thoughts and things- this book is for you! And for all those hiding in the shadows of misery and negativity- well, this book is for you too! For Author Chance’s book provides the perfect formula for a bright future, good attitude, wellness and prosperity.

Poems like "Law of Attraction" remind people to always “wear a smile" and remain cool, calm and optimistic while traveling the rugged journey of life, and as a poet and person, Chance pulls deep from within the corridors of her heart to release and share the seraphic brilliance of her own soul, casting off any dark or negativity energy that may try and attempt to hold her back.

With this type of therapeutic and tranquil mood, Chance’s sublime verses of extraordinary beauty surrounding nature and humanity enhance this mesmerizing reading experience and together form inspirational meshes of hope that include appealing symbolism, picturesque imagery, realistic fantasy and an abundance of wise metaphors to comfort, celebrate dreams, show appreciation and give glory to God.

The featured and highlight poem "On the Wings of a Butterfly" is one of my favorite pieces, written with such grandeur, poise and genuine joy! The Author’s serene, angelic words are beautiful, pleasant and make readers feel safe and a sense of freedom as she builds a word-haven of fruitfulness and positive energy. Furthermore, she uses the butterfly to signify/represent elements such as Spirit, Freedom and Purpose, intermingling her expertise and knowledge in spiritual transcendence and the process of growth and healing.

There are instances in which she even cleverly interlinks these fluttering wonders to the role of guardians to illustrate or depict the presence of angels that guide us along our paths. When I read such lovely thoughts, I imagine myself floating on the comfort of a buoyant heart illuminated by a radiance only heaven can emit. Surely any soul will be captured by the Author's charming, animated amiable mood and personality as it is almost hypnotizing!

Many of the poems in Chance's collection honor God and express her thoughts on her spirituality and how it affects her life and the world. The universal poem "House of Love," explains how God's love is for everyone and encourages people to open their hearts because according to her, "an open heart is full of joy." In this poem, by incorporating her own principles, values and beliefs Chance paints a unifying vision of love, God and humanity, a superb portrait for the world and all humanity.

As an elevated thinker, she understands the potency in words, carefully choosing positive, penetrating, impactful power words to support the optimistic tone and theme of this book. Some of these words to no surprise happen to be titles of poems like, "Blessed," "Love," Karma," and "Dreams."

As an avid reader and poetry enthusiast, I’m more than confident that this book can help elevate minds and take the heart to good places, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and we all need this from time to time.

Author Beverley Chance's "On the Wings of a Butterfly" deserves a 5-star rating and is the perfect poetry gift for any occasion!

We hope you can be inspired and get your copy today!

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