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In Author Tracy Seiden's "Stardust and Fire: Tales of a Hopeful Romantic," no matter w

Tracy Seiden’s “Stardust and Fire: Tales of a Hopeful Romantic” is a fanciful collaboration of imaginative wonder, surrealism, and fantasy with the delicate heart and divine soul being the central emphases and themes of the book.

To enhance her technique, Author Tracy Seiden exerts the evocative power of imagery and metaphors to create spectacular, dazzling scenes as in the featured poem entitled, “Stardust.” Even in its brevity, Stardust captivates us by the intriguing cosmological portrait the Author portrays, while the character in the scene reminds us of some extraordinary type of “Wonderwoman,” or Superwoman.

In addition to the marvelous verbal pictorial we receive from this, the well-crafted, eloquent language of her thoughts perfectly entwines the right combination of words parallel to “the universe” theme, such as ‘constellations,’ ‘supernovas’ and ‘galaxies.’

Soft, graceful, and with much ease, Tracy continues to welcome us into a world of gracious romance where she sporadically escapes the somber feeling of loneliness by entering a state of hallucination, or possibly a daydream. Notes of surrealism collide, beautifully, with reality while simultaneously revealing the highs and lows of love, intimacy, bonding and passion.

With a solid introduction, middle and end, thorough, intricate pieces such as “Music to Soul” demonstrate this ‘epiphanic’ technique and ultimately bloom one single specific emotion into mini short-tales of mystique, charm and woo. The blissful magic of two hearts discovering and connecting to each other is the turning point in this selection, as she also inscribes the art of ‘music’ into the concept as a powerful, mysterious spell to describe the duo’s remarkable ‘supernatural connection.’ The smoothness of her writing complements the glamour of this scene, exceptionally.

We also notice that the essence of nature and its myriads of surrounding elements play a significant role in the Author’s work, cleverly inter-playing into the emotions, actions and atmosphere of the different settings. We love the selection “Rain Storms” as an illustration of this creative technique!

For instance, to express/explain the process of tears welding in the character’s eyes, she says, “Storms brewed in her eyes, clouds shifting, building to a crescendo, stirring the waters deep in her soul.” Subsequently, she writes “She felt the first hard drops of rain crashing against her mind, slipping over to wash her eyes clean…” visually drawing out the character’s flow of tears, only instead of using a pen or pencil, she uses the power of words, expertly choosing descriptive words that effectively evoke the character’s emotion’s and succeeding action’s. The fact that she uses a prose-poetry writing style empowers her writing, deepening the narration and dialogue throughout the book.

Organized, fluent and whimsical, she adheres to an animated world of magic where beatific fairy-tale like scenarios ignite true sparks, like in the poem “Gypsy Dance,” where the nameless mystery man “watches her dance,” as she “dreams in colors.” Or like in the poem “Black Magic Symphony,” where he composes “a symphony wrapped in velvet.”

No matter which poem we encounter, it is nearly impossible not to become entranced by this Author’s chimerical visions of energy between two souls- as she defines the physical, spiritual and mental connection established once spirits unite, attach, and even divide.

This book is a beautifully composed work of art and Realistic Poetry International is happy to present this collection with a 5-star rating for quality, artistic merit, and versatility. The consistency in the acknowledgement of both male and female makes this a good book for both men and women on the perfect romantic night!

Amazing work, Author Tracy Seiden!

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