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"Author Manoj Krishnan’s, The Fragrance of Nature and Love, is like a large, wondrous canvas of

Seventh-heaven. Paradise. Nirvana. Eden. Utopia. These idyllic settings often enchant our imagination in traditional stories, tales and myths, usually depicting absolute perfection and excellence to a degree of awe and wonder beyond our ordinary human perception, where security, safety, and all forms of life are preserved, in health and in spirit, and in peace and prosperity.

But only in our dreams or imagination may we conceive such incredible, unworldly atmospheres and environments, right? Well, after reading Author Manoj’s sensational book, ‘The Fragrance of Nature and Love,” we’ll say, not entirely. Krishnan’s marvelous, enriching collection of poetry reminds us that it’s not the place that ensures the tranquility of harmony, balance, peace, and natural order- it is us.

With poetry being the most versatile, free, and creative form of writing used in literature to express and generate verbal art, Author Manoj Krishnan’s book is like a large, wondrous canvas of life and all it naturally encompasses; from azure lakes to ‘Sunday Siesta’s’ magenta flowers, Krishnan’s words show us images of earthly miracles in all their diversity and tells us of how the glory and orchestra of nature, inevitably, mirrors our human society.

With multitudes of creations decorating the earthly sphere of all different types, colors, varieties and makes, Krishnan cleverly interlinks his own personal belief saying, “Strength is not in the similarity but is in difference,” while simultaneously identifying some of our worlds most attractive sights, places, and scenes such as the mighty mountains, crystal lakes and divers flowers!

The featured poem ‘Paradise of Earth’ is a scenic selection where the narrator meditates on his heavenly vision and version of paradise and is relieved from the ‘world of professionalism,’ in his words, seeking ‘peace beyond elusive vibes.’ His desire to bask in the ‘divine mysticism’ of this idealistic world he calls ‘paradise,’ is definitely something I feel many people can connect with. Moreover, the Author’s expressive ability to share and define his own personal fantasy is downright inspiring, exciting, and insightful.

Considering the theme of the book, it is evident by reading that Krishnan has a passionate love and zeal for our natural world and environment, and he does an outstanding job at amplifying his appreciation. In the poem ‘Paradise of Earth', I am able to mentally let go and partake in the narrator’s promising dream, or in his words, ‘ethereal celebration!’ It is, indeed, a delightful reading experience.

Often times, nature prompts us to consider many other aspects of life as well, such as change and transition, growth, habitats, humanity, living and life. In the featured poem, ‘The Earth Has Music For Those Who Listen,’ the Author’s words question the balance of these different aspects in relation to superficiality saying, “Why is success everyone’s dream mission?” and “Why do we run behind pseudo happiness?”

Krishnan speaks with a sincere voice of compassion as he addresses his heart’s grievances while simultaneously uplifting many of God’s most priceless earthly gifts, which he believes can and should be easily shared by all people in the world, such as love, where he says, “Love is the music in symphony of our life.” Krishnan also underlines God’s magnificent artistry and colorful diversity which he believes, “We seldom embrace.”

He makes the journey and layout of life appear simple, warm and straightforward when other problematic factors such as lust, hatred, and greed of prosperity are extracted from the picture, and this vision is truly promising. Overall, this powerfully stunning poem is monumental in meaning, emphasizing the idea of unity and diversity, and is also impressive by creativity, implementing vivid imagery with detailed descriptions including color, smell, sound, and appearance!

In pure honesty, unless your eyes abhor the sensational allure of lovely things, thoughts and scenes, it is nearly impossible to deny the superb aura of tranquility and virtuosity luminating from the Author’s enchanting verses, for this book is pleasing to the human senses, literally, as I can nearly smell the perfumed fragrance flowing from all the colorful bouquets of vibrant flowers mentioned throughout the book, an invigorating pleasant aroma consisting of poise, elegance, and thoughtfulness.

A kaleidoscopic, artful masterpiece of emotion, humanity and nature, Realistic Poetry International is glad to present this book with a 5-star rating. Wonderful work, Krishnan.

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