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By the end of Author Diamante Lavendar's "Poetry and Ponderings," readers will see tha

Poetry and Ponderings: A Journey of Abuse and Healing Through Poetry by Author Diamante Lavendar

Reviewed by Realistic Poetry International

Are you looking for a book full of inspiration, truth, love and enlightenment?

If so, Author Diamante Lavendar’s ‘Poetry and Ponderings’ is the perfect poetry book for you! In this book, the Author dedicates her heartfelt words and poetic journey to all the sufferers and victims of abuse.

With God playing a significant role in her own testament and survival, Diamante sets the tone for readers with a sincere dedication to Him directly saying, “God, our Father; the love and light of my life. You’re the reason I never gave up, and the explanation of why I’m still here.”

Empowered by an incredible faith, the Author expresses her trust and belief in God, with her words innately speaking volumes to all those whose souls seek refuge and redemption and zealously wish to step out of the darkness, and into the light.

As lovers of words, we find that it is impossible to deny that there’s something authentically unique about the way Author Diamante Lavendar composes each verse, as if nothing was written by mistake or just to simply fill up white space. The Author’s empathetic and compassionate spirit makes sure that each and every word is mindfully selected and used for a specific purpose; to inspire, educate, and motivate, and even though there are instances in which her words are heartbreaking, healing is also an effect one can receive from the Author’s choice of curing words. Never forgetting the principle of honesty either, she tells us, “being positive does not happen by chance. It is a decision.”

Author Diamante Lavendar’s poetry soothes and calms in the poem entitled “Sometimes, Life Is a Dance.” In this selection, we are reminded that life is full of ups and downs, hardships and adversities, but “sometimes, the harshest consequence can have the most glorious outcome.”

This virtuous philosophy, and others similar to it, can reframe a pessimistic outlook and assist in the process of building or adding to a broken person’s faith, no matter how much they may envision ‘the end.’ But as many of us know, time is always of essence and the perceptive poem, “Time Limits,” does a great job at reinforcing this!

Lavendar stresses the importance of how we use our time in which we have the choice to be ‘constructive’ or ‘destructive;’ regardless, she is right when she says, “Be mindful of your purpose. Be wise with your time.” Clearly, the Author has gained a deep, intellectual perspective and understanding on how important decisions are in our everyday life, and also of how those choices control and direct our life’s next chapter, for better or worse.

That makes her not only a heart of compassion, but also a fantastic advisor! This book, on your worst day, is like a good friend that you’ve known for several years and trust to confide in or rely on for peace and instruction. Keeping this in mind, we believe that for all those who are discouraged, or perhaps just need a voice that understands what you may be going though, this book has the mental and spiritual tranquil relief you’re looking for, as Author Diamante Lavendar’s poems will do nothing less than nourish and offer tender advice on how to love and take care of yourself by the principles of love, truth and discipline.

As evidence of this credible theory, we use the following quote as an example where she says, “Being responsible and dependable is a gift you can give to yourself.”

In addition to this, we are attracted to the harmonized balance of skillful word play and applaud the Author for her courage and willingness to help, with many of her poems proving she is not afraid to use her personal experiences to guide, reflect, grow, and encourage others.

We can honestly say that Lavendar pulls her poems from the depths of her golden heart to describe pain, anguish and shame in a way most humans can relate to. As gentle as a butterfly and as strong as a ram, the Author’s poem, “Wisdom from Agony,” is one that makes us firmly believe in a quote once said that, “what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.” Indeed, we agree, and some of the evocative recollections included in this collection are merely proof.

We run into another popular analogy she uses to emphasize her testimony as a survivor of child abuse, comparing the pressure some children go through to that of the pressure some rocks undergo, in which they are eventually transformed into diamonds. While this is true, Diamante’s words do not forget that this is only a possibility, if through the appropriate intervention of adults, “we allow it.” Candidly true.

Therefore, we believe there is a reason she dedicates this book to survivors of abuse, openly breaking down with raw, real emotion, how it feels to be a victim, her words piercing and not easy to get out of one’s mind.

“Pain Is A Monster; I Give Up,” “Pain,” “Portrait of a Molester, and other emotionally graphic poems are only a few that leave us with the haunting feeling of revulsion when forced to face her distressing history. And if you’ve ever been a victim of any form of abuse, Author Diamante’s chilling descriptions will resonate with you as her memories play songs of sadness in your heart. In fact, Her visit down memory lane is so effectively penetrating, we won’t lie when we say it can be tempting to fall into the deep ocean of your own blue memoirs, but don’t worry! Just when you feel like you are… Lavendar smiles, sends a ray of sunshine, hugs you with her encouraging words and pulls you right back in with a steady flow of continuous positive affirmations, spreading hope, enlightenment, God, and wisdom.

From beginning to end, this book is robed in freedom, freedom from the dreadful demons that once aimlessly attacked her soul but failed. For through faith and belief, Lavendar shows the world that we can overcome! She validates the timeless cliché, never give up! And humbly celebrates the fact that she now understands pain and survival, beyond seeing herself as a victim.

By the end of this book, readers will see that our adversities, which we are all given in this life, do not have to be our end and definitely do not have to dictate our futures. She is an amazing poet and a healer with words, using them to create an impactful and meaningful experience that is guaranteed to help someone else, whether it be related to the past or present. Author Diamante Lavendar’s, “Poetry and Ponderings: A Journey of Abuse and Healing Through Poetry,” is a book that’s honest enough to tell us, nothing is ever perfect, yet wise enough to remind us all to always keep the faith and never stop believing.

We are pleased to rate this book with 5-stars and find it as a very valuable and insightful read for humanity and society.

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