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"Complete with power words and testimonies from front to back, this book heartens the spirit an

Author Vincent Avanzi’s Harmony and the Genius Spot of Mankind

Reviewed by Realistic Poetry International

Vincent Avanzi's "Harmony and the Genius Spot of Mankind" is a literal and figurative verbal revolution composed for the people regarding the functioning of our world and societies, the health and state of our environment, governmental and united politics, adventure and travel, and most importantly, harmony amongst the plethora of diverse and unique cultures around the globe. Avanzi shares his messages creatively through the art and influence of poetry and prose in an earnest effort to bring about change, share insight, and cause awareness to inspire and motivate. In fact, in the spirited section entitled, "A life mission: Repoetize our society," he quotes the famous Victor Hugo saying, "A revolution is in our human nature," confirming our summarization while at the same time affirming the famous poet’s ageless words.

Complete with power words and testimonies from front to back, this book heartens the spirit and teaches the audience of a promising philosophy that ensures a world of love, peace, and prosperity; a world where humans demonstrate respect for one another and in a sense, learn to embrace our humanity more than the differences we may have.

This coincides with one of this book’s slogans we encounter: A poetic journey to design the future.

Right off the back we’re inclined to learn more about the Author’s vision and design, interested in what role he believes poetry plays on this exhilarating, profound journey. And with Author Vincent Avanzi being the dreamer, traveler and great visionary he is, the Author has much to tell and sees no boundaries or limits to the countless ways we can use poetry to help define ourselves and appreciate others.

Since the age of young, Author Vincent Avanzi explains to readers how he always acknowledged his inner-desire to envision “possible futures” and “open his heart to love and art.” As a result, he tells us how, overtime, he began to comprehend the power and distinctiveness of poetry in a deeper way, a way that surpasses simple expression or just the venting of private feelings. So, what did he discover? How poetry can save the world! Which happens to be the subtitle to the concluding section in the initial introduction.

Keeping in mind the art of poetry, this book helps one easily and clearly understand how such an artful medium can eventually mold and change our perception and way of living, endowing us with the gift to be “artists of our own lives,” in the words of the Author. And with a wide variety of different segments to enjoy during this read, the audience will have their minds revitalized with comprehensive, in-depth motivational speeches of prose that educate and refine hopeless dull thinking, empowering people to be all they can be for a greater, long-lasting cause.

To our surprise, we even come across a song with poetic expression entitled, “Song A World of Harmony,” a tune the Author says was recorded during his world tour Human Odyssey.

The song in itself is intricate with lyrics that are transcendent as his words immerse us in the fathomlessness of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical evolution. The underlying message enlightens and is important because it emphasizes some of the most apparent issues circulating around our world in which he says, “poverty is not the root of all evil,” pointing out the fact that we are all equals and the only thing that truly affects our ability to see this are materialistic means, possessions and assets. The Author makes a really good point here and we cling to this part in the chorus when the song says, “Paradise…is the life we’re after. Humanity…is the major actor. Happiness…is the vital partner. Harmony…is the final chapter.”

Celebrating the beauty and wonder of diversity, this collection even includes some poems written in other languages, one in which we translate from Spanish, written and specially tailored for a group of children in Bolivia for a school poetic workshop to help motivate the youth to use poetry as a tool and outlet to outline and map out their dreams and aspirations. This is only one example of how the Author truly puts his words to action! And the poem is so kind, it seems each and every one of Author Vincent Avanzi’s words/verses smile at us with a genuine glow!

As we keep reading, the Author continues to consume us with his poetic “music of happiness,” with enough light and positivity to make even the dullest of gray skies clear and beautiful.

Having had the chance to travel around the world and experience the unlimited craftmanship of our earth, visually and with his spirit and heart, Author Vincent Avanzi has a rare multi-dimensional perspective that one can value and admire. From discovering, exploring, helping to sightseeing, all the way down to enjoying the much-desired freedom from complacency and repetition to the refreshing smell of new atmospheres, environments and cultures----the Author’s poetic accounts are knowledgeable and convincing, sharing the spirit of adventure and odyssey through stories and tales of his many round-the-world trips and experiences that helped shape his universal dream of peace, love and harmony for all. At one point, he says “Did you make anybody smile today, anybody’s life better? Teaching the principle of selflessness and kindness, two valuable attributes to all humanity!

In one section of the book, towards the end, he finalizes his words with a loving poem that recognizes the grandeur of the earth and beauty of all people saying, "The earth is so beautiful under the sky. Each living species is a ray of sunshine. And every human being one of its decibels, so let the flow of your music fly."

Full of promise and hope, his words are pleasant music to our minds ears and a beautiful portrait for our eyes to imagine.

Author Vincent Avanzi’s ringing mantra, "change yourself to change the world," is a concrete message that supports the theme of this book and resonates with us, reaching out to hearts from all over the world and pressing readers to be engaged with their society to get involved and help make a difference. So for anyone who feels the burden of some of the many societal and political issues affecting how we live and the way we do things, Avanzi’s words will be just the right boost to move you forward to finally use yourself as a vessel of hope, creativity and action-----and not by the sidelines either!

By reading this book so far, if there’s anything we’ve learned, it’s that the Author’s motivational muses are sheer evidence of his words in action, making him a ‘sayer’, doer and writer! Not to mention that throughout the entire book his confidence and vigor remain positive, amiable and peaceful, fueling and feeding our souls with the fruitfulness of life.

Moving forward, we find that this collection also takes on an educational approach with information and focus on imperative topics such as climate change, revealing facts about our precious, delicate, deteriorating earth and how and why this matter is critical to not only us today, but to our growing, developing future to come. In reference to this, he says “Our system is crying and living is dying,” then poses a series of dire, yet vital questions asking,

“Has humankind lost her mind, are we blind or are we kind? Can’t we learn from the signs of past errors from behind? From the research of Einstein to the end of our time, what will we maybe find if we eventually cross the line?”

Clearly, Author Vincent Avanzi places the ball in humanity’s park with this verse and unapologetically lets us know it is WE that hold the power to reverse such a tragic prediction of catastrophe and calamity. But----with a lack and deficiency of love and a resistance and unwillingness to work together, this accomplishment can certainly be tough to achieve, and the Author doesn’t refrain from stressing this disheartening reality.

Overall, this compilation is the ideal poetry book for all those who are naturally inclined to learning, discovering and are passionate about living and the world, whether it be from a political or cultural perspective, or an important social/environmental standpoint.

In addition to this, the Author’s words are honestly concerned and compassionate, educated and insightful, and last but not least, undeniably poetic! And it is amazing, we must say, for him to keep his poetic vibe while compounding several pieces of important information and selections throughout the duration of our read.

His perfect dose of ingenuity and heartfulness, helpful facts, poetry, essays, testaments, and trusted advice can be useful to any person and isn’t limited based off of who you are or what you like. Therefore, we can categorize this book as a universal read that firmly instills in the core of our hearts one key, timeless principle (One of our favorite quotes!): Instead of trying to be Number One, Let’s just be ONE…

Is this possible, or will we live and bathe in our differences, forever? Only time can tell! But until then, the question itself has the potential to spark off some really serious debates all across the nations, with countless beliefs and ideals of what our world should be like and how its existence can be best preserved.

We enjoyed all the various layers to this publication and would be happy to recommend it to others as well.

For this reason, we’re happy to present it with a 5-star rating and can see Author Vincent Avanzi already making his imprint amongst our vast, beautiful sphere of life and wonder.

Bravo, Avanzi!

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