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From wild tigers and bears, to tree lemurs and swimming kangaroos, when we exercise our imagination,

My Cool Colouring Book: Amazing Animals by Katherine Chin

Reviewed by Realistic Poetry International

Author Katherine Chin’s My Cool Colouring Book: Amazing Animals is a wonderfully constructed book for children and youth of all ages, celebrating the phenomenon, diversity, and beauty of wildlife while exploring all the various types of species that inhabit our vast, extraordinary earth! And there are many!

From wild tigers and bears, to tree lemurs and swimming kangaroos, when we exercise our imagination, this book literally makes us feel like we’re, virtually, on a real-life field trip at a place most kids absolutely adore; the zoo!

As soon as we open the book to begin reading, the children in our group make an instant connection by identifying the exotic black and white panda bear of China, eagerly listening to and observing the information ‘Princess Panda’ shares about these stunning furry creatures, including cool facts such as how they’re considered symbols of peace in their indigenous country of China! This is an interesting fact, new to many of the children (and us!) in our reading group.

Author Chin makes this reading experience even more engaging by including an arty, colorless illustration of a panda bear for children to color in, which we feel creates a customized and unique experience for them that involves and inspires their individuality, creativity, imagination, and more! We also feel this concept of allowing the child to exert themselves into the book makes a great explanation for the title, “My Cool Colouring Book,” insinuating personalization and self.

These cartooned illustrations throughout the book that accompany each animal’s sparkling introduction, accomplished by, Sadie Wilson, are clean, sizable, artistic, and waiting to be splashed with colorful pizzazz! The kids in our group truly enjoy the illustrations and by them gain a clear portrait of each animal’s appearance.

The use of first-person perspective to personalize the characters is brilliant and makes each animal come to life with much vivacity. We believe using this perspective is the absolute perfect choice for a youthful audience, not to mention the fact of how we have a ball playing with different voices as we transition between the various animals!

To define this all the more, Chin’s proficient use of tone and mood in this book is warm and friendly, even humorous in many instances! Yes, children will surely be entertained and will find it hard not to laugh, especially at funny jokes from characters like ‘Billy the sheep,’ or ‘Bernard the bear,’ who challenges the reader’s creativity by telling them to color his fur, not brown, but the flamboyant color of pink! This unconventional twist is great for encouraging kids to be different, bold, and unafraid to express their own artistic aptitude.

In addition to this, considering intricacy and technique, it is important to mention Chin’s writing approach and degree of complexity for this book is satisfactory and appropriate for children. For this reason, My Cool Colouring Book: Amazing Animals is an excellent guide to help beginner readers enhance their vocabulary skills with confidence, finesse, and style!

Parents, if you appreciate children’s books that provide an enlightening experience, this book is definitely a sufficient choice. Author Katherine Chin excels well over and beyond the standards of a traditional coloring book and inventively transforms a rather simple concept into a captivating journey of learning, knowledge, and nature, in a sense, reminding us of something similar to the explorative world of National Geographic (Animals & Kids), a world leader in geography and exploration!

Therefore, it is quite easy to recommend this book to parents, teachers, or anyone else interested in literature/activities for the youth, as it celebrates and promotes the wondrous range of animals on earth, teaching about some of their distinct characteristics, like how zebras are very social and live in herds, and how tree creatures, such as lemurs, live for about eighteen long years! This book also teaches things about animals that surprise us, like how the hopping, sometimes, kicking kangaroo, can swim, and enjoys doing so very much!

So, depending on one’s own depth and level of knowledge when it comes to certain subjects such as the magnificent animal kingdom, Author Chin’s book will underline facts that broaden your scope on the assortment of wildlife living, breathing, and existing on planet earth!

We are extremely excited to present this book with a 5-star rating and encourage others to get their copy of this one-of-a-kind, Cool Colouring Book of Amazing Animals!

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