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Like a guide, Author Debjeet Mukherjee, indeed, takes you on a journey; a voyage that places you rig

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Voyages: Volume I: A Collection of Poetry by Author Debjeet Mukherjee

Reviewed by Realistic Poetry International

Author Debjeet Mukherjee’s Voyages: Volume I: A Collection of Poetry will make any poetry lover feel comfortable and right at home, complete with meaningful poems that share the charming beauty and wisdom of humanity, emotions, and life.

With this collection, we enjoy an insightful style of writing that cleverly injects storytelling, original parables, picturesque imagery, and custom-made, poetic proverbs invigorating to the soul.

Some poems, such as, “Balloon Girl,” travel down memory lane, nostalgic in voice as the Author artistically paints portraits of the past through reminiscent language and reflective emotion.

His use of soft, eloquent verses make this interpretation of enamor easy to follow and helps to enhance the poem’s subtle romantic sentiments. Complemented by his own sagacious quote to conclude his poetic expression he says;

“Triumph over true love does not end with marriage.

It is when you realize that true love should not stop at the borders.”

Like a guide, Author Debjeet Mukherjee, indeed, takes you on a journey; a voyage that places you right in the moment of exotic, exciting settings, and realistic scenes that amplify not only the beauty of Mother Nature, but also the powerful emotions she releases from time to time, as written about in another one of our favorite poems, “A Stormy Ride.”

Attesting to his creative versatility, this poem teaches one very important lesson;

“Always check the weather before embarking on a trip,”

As he replays the dramatics of a tempestuous storm of The Ganges, an immense and expansive flowing river, in which he promises to, never again, set sail upon, BEFORE checking the daily weather forecast!

Simplistic, thoughtful, and significant, poems like this are gripping and timeless, using personal experience to help others avoid unnecessary calamities, even when it comes to the weather!

We take an emotional deep dive with poems such as,“Just Another Mistake,” as the heavy weight of regret presses on his heart, only temporarily, as Author Mukherjee’s explains how not everything we wish for for is actually meant to be. He says;

“I wish we had not grown old so fast,

I wish, but time took its toll at last!

I wish those last moments of us back,

I wish some missing books on my rack.

But time slaps to convince me it's fake.

Only so I realize, it was just another mistake!”

From a technical perspective, the Author skillfully incorporates an assortment of literary elements, including symbolism, in his poem “A Flower for Success,” metaphors, in one of our favorites, “Heaven’s Face,” and allegories, in the miraculous poem, “Something Memorable.”

Spiritual accents of God reflect his faith and belief in a higher power and infuses a transcending dose of inspiration into his messages, quotes, and verses.

So, no matter what kind of a day you may be having, this book is the perfect choice to enlighten your poetic senses, whether for the purposes of entertainment, or wisdom and knowledge.

We are pleased to present this book with a 5-star rating and can honestly say we truly enjoyed Author Debjeet Mukherjee’s, Voyages: Volume I: A Collection of Poetry!

We hope you can read it for yourself and get your copy today!

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