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Author Heath Brougher's, "The Ethnosphere’s Duality, tears past the typical standards of co

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Editorial Review by Realistic Poetry International for by Heath Brougher

Book Title: The Ethnosphere’s Duality

Where does life start? Where does it end? Why am I here? Does God truly exist? Where do we go when our bodies turn to dust? And what is the real reason as to why our world and mankind exists at all? Though there may be different answers for these mysterious inquiries based on perspective and beliefs, many find the answers unfathomable, either dismissing raveled mysteries of life as merely ‘inexplicable,’ or, becoming a seeker of knowledge, wisdom, and philosophy to not just live in the phenomena of existence, but also, to better understand and examine the relationship between consciousness and existence, just as Author Heath Brougher describes in this book’s cautionary introduction. He prewarns all saying; “This book is not meant for everyone. It is meant, rather, for the people out there who are on a similar philosophical wavelength…” Yet, we must disagree. In fact, after reading the entirety of this book, and as strong poetry enthusiasts, this is a book we believe any human being can take something away from and here is why:

Impact. If there is anything we consider both compelling and impactful, the process of creation and the miracle of our existence most certainly scores high on the list, opening Pandora’s box of abstruse paradoxes where there live unspoken conundrums in which we find, ‘every truth is also an untruth,’ in the words of Author Heath Brougher. What does this mean, one might ask, as we contemplate on Brougher’s introductory poem, “Lucky Number Never.” His abstract and figurative language provokes both inquiry and intrigue as the Author’s use of crafty metaphors help us envision what appears to be a theory of incompleteness as he says, “You are a sliver of construction…” seemingly to imply an idea or theory that ‘man’ (humanity) is merely a page within a book, or rather a word on a page – like an unborn thought never fully conceived. Using Second-Person Point of View, Brougher is extremely effective in connecting with his audience, with his words speaking directly to us, rather than at us, allowing us to efficiently absorb the energy of his esoteric theoretical view on truth in conjunction to fairytales and propaganda (untruth). Far from the traditions of conventionality, Author Heath Brougher continuously feeds us with the knowledge of the unknown, defining simple words such as, ‘is,’ as more than just a general and single meaningful element of speech or writing in his poem, “The Omnipotence of Is.’ This book tears past the typical standards of common doctrines and breaks down our minds ‘preset’ barriers and walls, allowing us to temporarily become, what we shall call, ‘freethinkers,’ or people who explore atypical ideas, imagine the impossible, and ultimately develop independent notions about humanity and the humanity’s quality and state of mind (and living!). A prime example of this can be found in the poem entitled, “Digital Veins.” Multifaceted, elaborate, and enigmatic to those reluctant to quandary, Brougher’s poetry, in some instances, almost feels like reading and taking in a different language, combining distinctive, and at times, prodigious words to express in a unique and encrypted manner how mankind, in this day and age, drowns in a ‘pixelated pool of pathetic predetermined angles of standpoints.’ Unconcerned with superficiality and politically correct policies and dogmas, the Author uses this brief, yet bottomless collection to simply remind readers of the power of individuality by rejoicing in the power of pure freedom; the freedom to, ‘unlearn everything,’ he says, to ‘be naïve enough to believe in everything to the point where it has been so over-thought that these beliefs come True (Wrinkled Thoughts).’ Extremely potent advice!

In one sense, his encouragement encourages us to embrace abnormalities (even philosophically), despite what we’ve learned in life, just as much as it fuels the soul of the rebel, inspiring both the ‘inquisitive revolutionary’ and the ‘imaginative endless wanderer’ to no longer follow previously laid paths, rather than paving their own. We feel this empowers the people, no matter who they may be, stirring the soul of humanity until, at last, a new day is born, in which ‘minds are remolded’ and ‘human perception reconstructs itself.’ To conclude our overview of this book, we must say that though the Author deems this book as ‘unusual,’ and even incomprehensible (to some), in reality, he truly proves that he, indeed, owns the authentic heart of a genuine poet – discovering, seeking, rising, and challenging man made traditions and questionable societal norms as he acts as his own creator and artist, forming his own philosophies through the gift of observation and by the kaleidoscopic lens of his own perspective, as he paints murals of visions never seen. Original, compelling, controversial, and idiosyncratic, we are glad to present Author Heath Brougher’s anomalous, The Ethnosphere’s Duality, with a 5-star rating, and recommend this book to all those unafraid to explore the depths below the surface… or rise high above into the universe beyond the skies.

Phenomenal work; fascinating theme!

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