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From inside the comfort of mother's secure, warm womb, to outspoken cries, baby bottles, and &qu

First Rhyme Mom by Leanne Stoneley

Reviewed by Realistic Poetry International


The gift of life is a miraculous process, from the moment of conception all the way to the extraordinary process of a woman's labor and delivery. Excitement, joy, anxiety, and a whirlwind of emotions take over as the new mother (and family & friends) prepare to welcome the priceless blessing growing within the safe walls of the womb.

The essential and neonatal instincts, inevitable to most moms-to-be, seem to kick in and appear as natural as the morning sunlight, like the selflessness and nurturing spirit Stoneley tells of in her poems, "The Nightshift" and "Motherhood."

In addition to this, we genuinely appreciate the sentimental value embedded into the creation and theme of this book with poems such as, "Breaking Point," where honesty prevails and tells us, motherhood isn't always as gentle as a breeze. To elaborate further, in the words of the Author she says;

"Some days, the conditions are kind and with my oars, I make straight headway. Then on days like these, such choppy seas leave me unsure of which way I will sway."

Stoneley goes on to describe some of the challenges of motherhood through illustrative analogies such as 'engulfing storms' with threatening waves, so intense, her heart has witnessed some mothers "lack the strength to paddle anymore."

Surely, we can gather by this poem that being a mom will require more than an ordinary strength, and can be tumultuous, or just simply scary. That is only one of the reasons we believe this book is a superb choice for newly-parents or parents-to-be. Poems such as this not only express her own emotions about parental troubles, she also helps to prepare others for these tempestuous times as well!

Regarding the general theme of this book (motherhood & pregnancy), the Author does a fantastic job at underlining the primary key: being a new mom is truly a learning process that requires a big heart, sincere dedication, and endless love.

A great poem to highlight this is "Baby-fed Cleaning," where Stoneley flashes through a series of concerns and inquiries vital to her baby's health such as diet, negative reactions (gagging), and hygiene.

One of our favorites from this collection is a poem that ingeniously flips the script and speaks from the baby's perspective, written with such tenderness and purity - just like a neonate! It is compelling and places this life-changing catalyst (baby) directly in the spotlight. The letter-style format the Author uses to convey infant-like sentiments truly does justice to this selection, using First Point of View to provide and depict a realistic, honest, and special dedication to, Mom. And there is no doubt that this is a poem sure to make any mommy smile just as we have!

Final Thought:

From inside the comfort of mother's secure, warm womb, to outspoken cries, baby bottles, and "Goo-Goo Gagadgets," Author Leanne Stoneley's First Rhyme Mom is the perfect collection of poems to capture the transitional phases of pregnancy and motherhood while verbally illustrating the intimate emotions to go along.

Maternal bliss (Sounds of Heaven). Threatening storms (Breaking Point). Unconditional love (The Love). Sacrifice and hard work (To-Do-List). Newborn anxieties (The Big Bad Monster).

If there is any takeaway we believe to be most important for one to understand after reading this book, it is the truthful fact that being a mommy is an endless job with great reward: a healthy, happy baby wrapped in the abundance of a mother's love.

Imprinted with symbols of strength, wisdom, and femininity, we are pleased to present this collection of poems with a 5-star rating and can honestly say it is a timeless book that entertains and delivers a universal, inspiring message.

So, if you enjoy poetry that embraces the beautiful and phenomenal gift of life, you don't want to skip out on Author Leanne Stoneley's First Rhyme Mom; written from the heart, and experience!


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