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A list of questions new authors should ask themselves before publishing a new book.

  1. Is my manuscript thoroughly edited and proofread?

  2. Have I received feedback from beta readers or a critique group?

  3. Have I considered the target audience for my book?

  4. Have I identified the genre and category for my book?

  5. Have I researched the market and competition for similar books?

  6. Have I created an engaging book cover and a captivating book title?

  7. Have I established a compelling author bio and author platform?

  8. Have I considered the different publishing options available (traditional, self-publishing, indie)?

  9. Have I chosen the most suitable publishing route for my book?

  10. Have I researched and contacted literary agents or publishers (if pursuing traditional publishing)?

  11. Have I explored the various self-publishing platforms and their requirements?

  12. Have I established a budget for professional services such as editing, cover design, and marketing?

  13. Have I created an effective marketing plan to promote and sell my book?

  14. Have I considered the potential distribution channels for my book?

  15. Have I registered for copyright protection for my manuscript?

  16. Have I researched the legal and contractual aspects of publishing a book?

  17. Have I considered the potential implications of pen names or pseudonyms?

  18. Have I prepared a professional author website or social media presence to connect with readers?

  19. Have I considered the different formats for publishing my book (print, ebook, audiobook)?

  20. Have I developed a realistic timeline for publication, taking into account all the necessary steps and processes involved?

It's important to note that the answers to these questions may vary depending on individual goals, preferences, and circumstances. Additionally, consulting with experienced authors, attending writing and publishing conferences, and reading books on the publishing industry can provide further insights.

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