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A Review of A Booktiful Love (Tolu’ A. Akinyemi)

A Review of A Booktiful Love (Tolu’ A. Akinyemi) Realistic Poetry International; Heaven Smith (H.J)


This is a whimsical, tantalizing collection that can’t help but captivate you from start to finish. It begins with a heartfelt Dedication passage that displays the kind of treasured adoration that most would wish to find.

Reading further into the book, “A Booktiful Love” continues to display a masterful interpretation of the intricacies of life, of relationships; and of what it means to be an empathic human in such an undoubtedly tumultuous time – which 2020 has been, for all of us. Pieces such as “Isolation”, “Frozen” and “It’s Okay Not to feel Okay” provide some of the most riveting reflections of our modern moments. From here, there are some delightfully charming additions that are woven in, further down – such as “Wave” and “A Date With Hope”.

“A Booktiful Love” has the potential to swiftly become a warm and timeless classic. We highly recommend this treasure and do believe it to be a treat for multiple audiences. As such, Realistic Poetry International is proud to give this title 5 out of 5 Stars for a rating; in appreciation for its vast expansion of topics, as well as said outreach. We hope that there can be many more well-deserved accolades to come!

This is an incredible collection that has been one of our favorites to view and we are grateful for the opportunity. Tolu’ A. Akinyemi is an exquisite poet who writes with powerful charisma and sensual flare. Thankfully, Tolu’ has several other titles to choose from and we are confident that this wealth of options is sure to continually hold your delight.

It is our belief that “A Booktiful Love” will be a grand addition to anyone’s bookshelf and we encourage avid readers – both new and seasoned – to grab their copies without delay! This one can’t be missed!

The haste for this gem can be compared to a stanza that the book holds within itself; from the Poem “Bury Me in a Library” on page 5:

“Don’t railroad my chance to walk this hall of fame with a badge of honour.”

And again with “Beauty & Priceless”, on page 43 [sic]:

“She is beautiful

And priceless.

She is the missing piece in my puzzle—

I won’t trade her for a million cowries …

for her worth is immeasurable— she is my Prize.“


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