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A Review of The Invisible Waterhole by: Joe Kidd

A Review of The Invisible Waterhole by: Joe Kidd Realistic Poetry International; Heaven Smith (H.J)

The Invisible Waterhole is a tantalizing collection that walks the line between Thriller, Fantasy and Mystery. Fans of said genres would be delighted to add this one to their bookshelves! In this book, Joe Kidd writes with a level of mastery; one that immediately and completely allows us to become immersed in both the syntax and the storyline!

“ a faint hypnotic rhythm creation's harmonious symphony my body moved, yet my spirit slept … one mirror, shattered, becomes a million reflections of an image true

a view of what cannot be seen “ – A Sufi Moon, page. 10 [sic]

This book opens with insightful prose that beg us to question some of the most fundamental and popular “truths” about life; as well as encouraging us to explore the larger meaning of “truth” in itself. The Invisible Waterhole is an intellectual masterpiece with endless appeal that covers a wide range of topics. It has been our delight to view, as much as it will be yours. For all of these reasons, we at Realistic Poetry International are proud to give Joe Kidd and The Invisible Waterhole a glowing 5 out of 5 Stars for a rating, at this time. We encourage Joe to continue with writing and do believe that his unique “writer’s voice” and viewpoints will continue to display excellent promise in works to come – we are excited to see more, in the future, and we thank Joe for allowing us to bask in this glorious title, today.

Such profound and significant subject matter is often difficult to effectively address; But The Invisible Waterhole does so with absolute ease and does not lack any luster. The Invisible Waterhole is a pleasurable read that will allow all of your senses to come alive and will compel you to reach for more in your life.

Whether you’re ready for growth, are wanting to name your burning questions or are just looking for a vivid adventure, you are sure to find said value within Joe Kidd’s collection: The Invisible Waterhole.

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