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Are you looking for a poetic escape? Look no further than Violet by Sabrina Simon.

Violet by Sabrina Simon

Review by Realistic Poetry International

Are you looking for a poetic escape? Look no further than Violet by Sabrina Simon. This spectacular collection of love poems was designed to take your emotions on a rollercoaster of alluring highs.

"When you see the person you “like,”

do you find yourself writing about them?

You never were a poet or loved poetry before,

but they give you this inexplicable feeling,

their presence drove you to dedicate lines to them?

And when you finally felt the courage to express your feelings,

you found out that they have a boyfriend or a girlfriend."

[sic: Are You in Love?, page 9]

The dialect used is so intimate and candor. It's like reading Sabrina's dreams, fears, and thoughts in a seductive poetic way. We were moved to tears multiple times while reading this book. It's a must-read for anyone looking for emotional connection and intimacy in their poetry.

Sabrina's poetry is genuine and raw, with each piece capturing a single moment in time. She brings to life both the beauty and tragedy of human emotion. The poems are so well-formed and emotive. We could feel the longing of unrequited love in the poem "My First Love" and the nostalgia of simpler times in "The Little Things." Every poem will pull at your soul. It's like she wrote them straight from her heart. We really enjoyed this collection!

Each poem is carefully crafted to perfection and will leave you feeling uplifted and inspired. We highly recommend this book.

"The best poems I’ve read,

beautiful poetry I’ve watched,

some I’ve attempted to write,

but it seems I have stumbled upon

the greatest poem my favorite poet has created

the one where He wrote you in my life."

[sic: untitled 04 | 09.14.2021., page 50]

5-star review from Realistic Poetry International, so don't hesitate to order your copy of Violet by Sabrina Simon today!

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