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Congratulations, Elizabeth, in winning in this year's 2019 $2000.00 Poetry Contest!!!

It is finally that moment we’ve all been waiting for and it is now time to announce the winner of this year’s $2000.00 Poetry Contest!!!

Everyone, please help us in congratulating, Elizabeth Sutton, all the way from Wichita, Kansas, with her poem entitled, “La Naissance de la Poésie: (I Was; I Am)!” A sincere humanitarian with a gigantic heart for humanity, your poem was truly moving and a beautiful dedication to poetry that took our judges on an incredibly emotional and adventurous expedition.

Your accomplishment and recognition are well-deserved! Thank you so much for participating in this contest and we appreciate all those who took the time to partake in this event.

We wish you all the best in your poetic endeavors and hope you can join us in our next contest for a chance to win more cash for your poetry! Cheers, poets, and write on!!!

Read the winning poem below:


La Naissance de la Poésie

(I Was; I Am)

I was there.

Before the light first kissed the earth.

Born high above the stars and far past the waxing moon.

Cradled by the forgiving air after

falling from an angel’s untouched womb.

I was the world's first free verse!

A blessing to break a dark curse.

I was - before the pain; before the hurt.

I am the reminder that love came first.

I was isolated in the darkness.

I was - before I ever belonged to an artist.

I was the wild grain in Israel before the humans

wore fancy woven garments.

A delicacy - the almonds of Greece

before the rise of empires and markets.

Embedded in Mexico’s labyrinth

before the guns and rockets.

Soft as an Asian sheep,

I embodied the tiniest part of August.

Roaring upon African land;

A lion influenced by a single prophet.

Before transforming into an Egyptian pyramid,

lock your eyes on the target.

I am American pacification;

intensified when the world is honest.

To withstand the world’s suffering;

this is the hardest.

My soul cries,

grieved by wars fought by blood brothers.


a witness to women, children, and men

enslaved by opposite colors.

Stolen identities.

Forgotten kings.

Diverted cultures.

Abuse; loathsome abductors.

Suicides and malicious murders.

Deceit, greed, and unquenched hunger.

Lies, corruption, and wicked smugglers.

It’s so cold.

The nights of drug-runners, addicts, and dark thunder,

where there lives blood, dishonesty, gluttony, and deep hunger!

My heart testifies, witnessing too many humans suffer.

Because I was there for every child in the world

and I was there for every man.

I was there for every woman.

I was; and I am.


I am peace;

I am a dream.

I am the wind on your skin,

I am the air that you breathe.

I am a giver of hope;

I am understanding.

I am edification.

I am love.

I am you.

I am today, tomorrow, and the future.





We would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on the winning poem, please leave your comments below.


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