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Hero Worship by Ted “c.z. Luna”Moon


Mexico City year of our Lord 1968 al sur de la frontera juegos olimpicos jugados por la unidad y orgullosos del pais american champion tommie dons the gold earning ribboned treasure the dais ascent john wesley wore warm bronze, a radiant shimmer silversmithed Aussie peter, boldly supporting stood tall brave american winner’s protest a unifying symbol viewed too bold pitchforked mobs spew slurs erupting hate filled bent homelander ignorance, populace is dimmer shared understanding essentially absurd south of the border games played for Unity and country proud how would i know why should i care poetic soul of twelve just do as you’re told NO, not me Not this time

Tommie proffing now at Oberlin weaves truth to power ’72 a studious Moon & transcendental field trip I met Tommie Smith told him I cared he gave me a hug he asked how I felt proud of the three, mad at America sad at what happened to him the class moseyed along, walking away we spoke a little longer, true fellowship the result a white pre-teen with his African American idol; What A Day south of the border games played for Unity and country proud souvenir pennant is not a battleship the gold medal Olympian autograph proudly shared paternally unearthed, unconcealed edifice of bigotry a parental sabre strike sharply dealt this soulless trait was exterminated there was no ordained ownership blindsided never imagined others saw this man, my dad, a legend yet the truth hath unfolded father of my youth persona abandoned relationship deadened affirmative worldview began to be sculpted mankind with equality lesson learned …from Tommie Smith 2020czlunapoetry

Original Version by Ted “c.z. Luna”Moon

Hero Worship Final1
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