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“LIPPA” by Valentine Tusai is a charming collection of work that takes its readers through an...

Realistic Poetry International

by: Heaven J. Smith (H.J)

LIPPA by Valentine Tusai

“LIPPA” by Valentine Tusai is a charming collection of work that takes its readers through an intellectual dance and continuously shakes our senses. This collection holds many prose and narrative poetry pieces that give an honest and wholesome voice to many minority communities and ignored social stigmas; as well as to some impactful events throughout their lives which others commonly take for granted.

“[sic] My path paved in rubies, ask and you shall get like the bible says.

Contentedness written all over my face

The devil harbours acrimoniousness but I won’t budge.

When I take a deep breath there is a void I cannot fill.

I find myself doused in a pool of unclear thoughts.”

— Espoused Progeny, page 6

“[sic] The beasts are roaming too free for my liking”

— Justice for Uwa, page 12

“LIPPA” provides an excellent opportunity to embrace larger truths with grace and propels us into an enveloped appreciation for such beauty and truth that is often unseen.

Many of the topics and emotions covered within this book are often vastly complex in their nature; and thereby quite difficult for many to effectively convey — Yet, Valentine successfully does so, in such a profound and unforgettable way. This is an incredible collection that will surely become a swift and vital favorite; we urge you to obtain it, without delay!

In appreciation for the depths of this collection’s content, elegance of wordplay and the opportunity for important representation, Realistic Poetry International happily gives this masterpiece a glowing 5-star rating.

Thank you, Valentine Tusai, for gracing us with your exceptional talents! We are in awe, from beginning to end and look forward to future releases. Future fans and buyers are sure to be awestruck, too! — Be sure to share it, as well, with all your friends; the educational value and potential to foster emotional growth should not be dismissed.


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