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New 5-Star Book Review / Headfirst into the storm by Kyle Coare

~ H.J (Heaven J. Smith)

Headfirst into the storm

by Kyle Coare

“Feed the storm.

Don’t fear the view.

Feel the sting,

let electricity zing,

energy in the air, makes nerves sing.

Like goosebumps on bare arms,

thunderous alarms ring. “

[sic: Feed the storm, page 16]

Headfirst into the storm (Kyle Coare) is a collection of narratives that speaks of the depths of personal growth and grief in such a striking and tantalizing way. This collection pays respects to every soul who seeks solace in healing and those who quietly ache to be understood; all while also vividly acknowledging each of the intricate facets of recovery, itself.

“ If I am the forests and trees,

my mind the leaves that blow on the breeze.

If my memories are the rivers and seas,

then you must be the harsh winter freeze.”

[sic: Old house, page 17]

“ So close to collapse,

like a building with no support,

foundations flawed,

the walls distort.

The ground unsteady,

I’m not ready. “

[sic: Post-it notes, page 27]

This book displays a blend of both tenderness and raw transparency within a subject that is notoriously difficult to convey, yet is equally sentimental. Kyle’s marvelous talent – once again – leaves us awestruck. As such, we highly encourage all fans of poetic justice and realism to save a spot for this masterpiece, without delay!

Kyle’s care and sensitivity toward the subject matter creates a heartwarming and engaging sense of intrigue and introspection for the readers – which we at Realistic Poetry have thoroughly enjoyed. Headfirst into the storm is gripping and sensational; it will not disappoint. Thus, we proudly bestow 5-stars!

Grab your copy, today!

Headfirst into the storm: Coare, Kyle: 9798526622288: Books

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