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Realistic Poetry International introduces the prestigious Freedom Medal to the world!

What does freedom mean to poetry?

Poetry in old times and still today empowers many different people of all ages, backgrounds, statuses and ethnicities from around the world, liberating humanity of silence and stigmatization through the universal freedom of artistic and unique individual expression.

Grateful for the ability to unite and understand not only the freedom that can be found in Poetry, but also how Poetry can provide freedom, we’re honored to present the prestigious Realistic Poetry International Freedom Medal as a reflection of expression, leadership, community, charity, teamwork, unity, respect, creativity and truth.

More than an outlet for emotion, Poetry is a magnificent stage for the gifted and talented while on another end its diverse paths lay out the dream career for the future. Unbound and abstract, Poetry unleashes the unheard stories of people and life through unlimited verbal works of art while helping poets map out their dreams, speak aloud their words and define and represent their ideas, truths and philosophies- regardless of societies standards or economic background.

This sense of freedom is not limited to merely the creative sphere of poetry, but also expands into the alleviating world of healing and therapy, transforming lives and mindsets for the better while helping people rebuild broken pieces of their lives. Poetry is the compass to our future, with the mighty power to lead an entire generation of youth and children to prosperity by knowledge, inspiration, truth, wisdom and respect.

For this reason, as Founders and Owners of Realistic Poetry International, we are continuously inspired to celebrate, recognize and award courageous, positive, talented poets for using their words through poetry to learn, grow and connect with others while experiencing the freedom of expression and using it to define who they are and how they perceive the world and others around them- no matter the aftermath or judgement that may come thereof.

In a world where freedom can be scarce and perhaps even come at a high cost, we’re most certainly thankful for the art and gift of Poetry to, at no expense, fight for our freedom, protect our freedom, earn our freedom and write about our freedom. Because Poetry will set you free!

Enter our latest contest to win one of these medals or make a donation of $100.00 or more. Click the link below to find out more information about the Freedom Medal.


Owners & Founders of Realistic Poetry International

We would love to hear your thoughts and opinions about the new Freedom Medals! Please leave your comments below.

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Jun 20, 2018

Je suis, ce que je suis,

Comme, on ne choisit ni ses parents ni son nom

Ça ne nous empêche pas d’aimer nos géniteurs

Car, nous leur devons tout

Sans oublier, qu’on est le fruit d’un amour

Alors, je t’aime papa et je t’aime maman

Sans leurs bénédictions, tu n’iras pas loin Tôt ou tard,

Tu subiras le même sort, que tu réserve à tes parents

Beau ou moche,

Ça ne t'avance en rien ni ça ne te rebaisse

Parce que ce qui compte en définitif

C’est ce que tu as dans le cœur

Tolérance et compassion envers les autres

Accepter les gens comme ils le sont

Sans préjugés ni partie pris

Car, on finira tous dans un tombeau.



Jun 20, 2018

At my age,

The more years pass and go back

And with each candle that I blow

On my birthday

I remained candid and sincere

And I will stay until my death

In love, I am always a child

Teenager in my head

And carefree as in my dreams

Or everyone was living

In harmony with Mother Nature

Respecting other beings

I believe and I believe in love that keeps its shape

This love that wets your eyes with tears

Like the first time we are touched

By the Arrow of Apollo

These feelings that emanate from our hearts

And who make our souls shudder

I am one of those people who give without waiting in return

I am still…


Jun 20, 2018

Ballasted in the distance

This old earth that will have no one to cry about his fate

This earth, which is ours and has become with time

An open trash for waste, rejects and nuclear

Are injected by Homo sapiens without compassion

For the nurturing mother

Who, the latter in the name of testing and advanced technology

Exterminate a multitude of species

Bombs dropped on innocent people

To test and prove their powers

They are always the dominant and never the dominated

History has taught us and reminds us

Hiroshima and Nagasaki of war time

And Chernobyl in peacetime

Waste lying at unfathomable depths

Poisoning the fauna and flora

They make the scarcity of fish

In all seas

It is…


Jun 20, 2018

"Quote of the day"


One should not speak ill of the dead

But not all fathers were saints

May God forgive them?

B.Slim39 Copyright 2018-06-18


Jun 17, 2018

What’s a love?

I was complaining about love

To the man, who is said to be wise

After I listened carefully to the end

He answered me solemnly

He was at a crossroads

Living like a hermit since his teens

And when he will find the answer, it will be too late

For me and for him...!

B.Slim39 Copyright 2018

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