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Shivani's words show us peace in chaos, and somehow, the light in the dark. Read our recent review!

A Poem That Did Not Rhyme by Shivani

Reviewed by Realistic Poetry International (Team 2)

It is indeed a powerful testimony when the sufferer of heartache, tragedy, grief, or adversity overcome life's tempestuous storms and seasons; conquering unknown fears and plateaus - still able to live, smile, breathe, love, inspire, and appreciate the simplicities of life, such as change, learning, and growth. 

Moreover, we, people from all over the world, are filled with vision and insight from these influential spirits such as Shivani, so that we may learn to live, dream, and love, especially ourselves. Like the Author describes in one of her poems entitled, "Self-Love," where she says:

"If I could,

I would teach you just one thing -


Shivani, poetically outspoken and discerning, magnifies two interesting points in this poem; her belief that humanity's ability to love themselves is the cure to many of our world's issues, and two, the people’s inability to do this or to teach them how. The Author creatively illustrates through helpful examples how, unfortunately, it is impossible to teach a person to love themself saying, ""How do I convince you to leave that piece of coal, look, it is burning your hand.""

Shivani's words reflect her sense of independence, strength, concern, and resilience, undoubtedly leaving you feeling motivated, valuable, and empowered! In some poems, it even feels as if  the Author basks in fearlessness, celebrating her heart's ability to experience freedom from within, despite any woes or ominous gray skies...which she certainly doesn't deny she's seen. Shivani is aware of her heart, but is also in control of her mind as in the featured poem, “Misfit,” an unapologetic banner and anthem of individuality.  

This collection also addresses some of the Author’s discontent with many lost traditions of principles and values such as honesty and chivalry. Based on poems such as “Honest One,” Shivani views truth as a necessity and vital virtue to mankind, while on the other hand she finds most people resent it and rarely uphold it in their daily life. Essentially, after reading this poem we are left to consider the Author's disconcerting truth; that most people live guarded by shields of lies, clinging to ironic masks of deceptions. Ironically, we see and hear about these types of scenarios every day, even in prestigious positions! So, the Author definitely gives you something to think about on this subject.  

A profound thinker and seemingly realistic personality, Shivani's 'two-toned' perspective of life depict both the darkness and the light, painting a phenomenal yet uncertain journey for all subjected to travel its unpredictable roads. We believe the featured poem, "The Day I Met Myself," exemplifies the significance of our journey with ourselves best, drawing out a literal picture of self-discovery by highlighting two different parts of the self; one innocent, the other tainted. Intense, this scene is one any person can relate to and reminds us that the good parts of ourselves do not vanish or suddenly disappear - we may lose them, but can also find them again, if we look deep inside.

Though the Author doesn't forget to remind us that with each tear, smile, frown, or desire, we are to make a choice, and we are to live with all our choice entails as in the compelling poem, "Addiction." A bit ominous and purely candid, Shivani explains how with the pleasure we receive from our ‘addictions,’ also comes sacrifice saying "And now that you have chosen it, get ready, to lose all that you have held close." In other words, you win some, you lose some. This is the irony of life Author Shivani presents us with in this poignant collection of poetry that honestly comes with two opposite tastes - bitter and sweet. 

However, despite failure or anything else we may encounter on our journey that attempts to steal our will to live or sustain, Shivani's words show us peace in chaos, and somehow, the light in the dark. In fact, many poems from this collection symbolize a death and rebirth transformation, highlighting the fear, disappointment, and joy experienced during this process, plus the knowledge and wisdom gained from enduring it all! An excellent poem to support this is "The Pilgrim," where she leaves us with this quote and food for thought:

"There is no bigger strength

 Than knowing 

That even the

worst is not that bad.

It will Save you.

And in that knowing

Lies your biggest liberation."

With strong attributes of ingenuity, artistry, thoughtfulness, and character, Shivani's "A Poem That Did Not Rhyme" is an excellent read, and we are glad to present this book with a 5-star rating. Shivani's courageous voice combined with her passionate ambition makes her an influential poet and certainly worthy to be heard. Get your copy today!

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