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"The I’m Okay collection is both a soul journey and an intellectual thriller"

Realistic Poetry International I’m Okay – Original Poetry by Edwin Betancourt Jr. Reviewed by: Heaven J. Smith (H.J)


Dying in the heat because you’re afraid to swim with sharks. [sic] … You have created this persona that isn’t human or true,

When you're standing over my broken body, who’s standing beside you? — “A Hazard”, page 1 (Edwin Betancourt Jr., “I’m Okay”)

This collection of original poetry gives its Readers a poignant perspective on the truths which we often hide from ourselves and overlook within others. It asks us to keep our hearts open and senses sharp as we prepare our psyches for several levels of growth — Emotional truths can no longer be so easily dismissed.

Through simple verses, Betancourt Jr’s collection of poetry allows us to see what hasn’t been seen and gives a chance toward understanding the otherwise intolerable experiences of melancholy and internal shame. Edwin Betancourt Jr., again, reminds us that there is forever more than meets the eye. “I’m Okay” is an unforgettable page-turner that just might improve many relationships and, potentially, change your life! The I’m Okay collection is both a soul journey and an intellectual thriller that holds countless benefits for fans within or outside the genre; as well as Readers from many paths of life. Those who read for pleaser and those who read for profession should, equally, be delighted.

You played my heart with your selfish games And now I dance around the gentle flames.

Burning Paradise [Sic]; “I’m Okay”, page 6.

From change, to heartache, to wonder, growth and beyond; this collection covers a range of topics that, arguably, fit right at home amid mental health, Fantasy and Epic genres. For its range and clarity and eloquence, we at Realistic Poetry International are pleased to give this a brilliant 5-star Rating and we strongly suggest that you pick up your copy, without delay. This is an informative delight which you do not want to miss!

If you have been looking for a read that is easy to follow yet one that still has substance and whose ease never translates to any lack of luster, this is the one! “I’m Okay” is a book that will thrill you by expanding your mind while also pulling at every single one of your heartstrings. Betancourt Jr. is consistently a master of the craft, with such brilliant impact and interplay.

Thus, we are thankful for this opportunity and do urge you to give this one a chance, without delay!

Also, do know: it is okay to not be okay. Let these words, perhaps, bring you some comfort toward knowing that you are not alone. Please keep safe.


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