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Nature is poetry, infinite in age, revealing its presence in the tree rings of Redwood, Sequoias, Oaks, Pines, and cacti, while flora, fauna, and grasses surround its roots.

Nature's repetitive poetry appears along every shoreline, beach, lake, river, and pond.

Poetry is nature's desert trails, where thorny cacti stretch toward the sky.

Poetry is nature's forested trails with canopy trees, sun-light streams shimmering from above illuminating flora and fauna, filling a nose and lungs with an essence of my surroundings.

A walk, hike, or backpacking along a trail, beachfront, or shoreline is sighted poetry.

Words describe what is visually sighted, allowing your mind, body, and soul to absorb the picturesque poetic surroundings to receive its stress-relieving beauty.

Capturing nature photos for framing within a home or office, for your mind, heart, and soul to recall nature's poetic essence until your return.

Realistic Poetry
Realistic Poetry


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