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Congratulations, Ted, for winning in this year’s Love Monthly Poetry Contest!!!

Dear Poets,

Realistic Poetry International is ecstatic to recognize our wonderful 3-Star Member, Ted Moon (c.z. Luna), for his winning poem, ‘A Spark of Life In Love Forever: En amour pour toujours!’

Congratulations, Ted, for winning in this year’s Love Monthly Poetry Contest!!! Your accomplishment is well-deserved.

The elaborate style you exhibit intertwined with sincere heartfelt passion makes this poem shine like a star! You are truly a natural when it comes to the weaving of words and it is our ultimate delight to award you as the winner of this contest!

We thank you so much for your participation, we truly appreciate you, your poetic spirit, and your will to always write poetry.

And thank you to all those who participated for a chance to win, we encourage you to continue writing and to enter our latest poetry contest for another chance to win a cash prize!


Read the winning poem below!


A Spark of Life In Love Forever

en amour pour toujours

mon amour pour toi est une colombe

passionately yours this gift; a dove

traverse this chasm safely clutch my arm

avowal of devotion our life in love together in stride avoiding all harm

c’est le vie

fresh perspective why feign a maven

in your grasp this dream will be

together establish an extraordinary haven

perfection lies there with thee

we meet at night a moonlit street

your voice strikes a sultry flame

tender sharing one heartbeat

torridly near you whisper my name

an anxious embrace of lips so sweet

your essence stunning beyond compare

entangled digits caressing your hand

who knows why care

cherishing every second enrich and expand

a devotional stare my whole world laid bare

as evening shatters jupiter appears

apologies worthless while retrieving causation

a supposed gentleman doesn’t bring tears

incessantly seeking spotlights and ovation

why inflict distress after so many years

mistakes that harm cut too deep

care and support leaves no margin of pain

misaligned intention forgives not this leap

opportunity exists for removal of this stain

misery demands emendation before eternal sleep

never relive an undeserved laceration of love

recall shared perfect passion envision your dreams

unequaled lifetimes with patience and solutions thereof

Forever in Love


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c.z. Luna

Poet, Author, 

Lyricist, Actor 

@czlunapoetry IG, twitter

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c.z. Luna
c.z. Luna
Oct 30, 2019

Thank you Fadrian, after the announcement the poem is below the promo picture

I appreciate you considering reading it!

Also thank you once again @realisticpoetry


Fadrian Bartley
Fadrian Bartley
Oct 28, 2019

Where is the poem that the link suppose to direct me to?


Oct 27, 2019

I appreciate Ted's vocabulary in his work. I like this statement, "apologies worthless while retrieving causation" Congratulations Ted, keep up the great work!

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